Monday, February 28

This Weekend Past

I've had a great weekend! Spent time with Lez, went to a wedding, played a few games of volleyball, spent some time with Lez's cousins...yup, it was sorta relaxing. I admit, there were times that I pondered my upcoming exams and wondered if I should be studying instead of relaxing. But to relax is to no stress. And that can be a good thing. It gives a person time to sort out his thoughts and regroup a little bit.
I got a review from a friend on our first CD. I had copied all the songs from the CD that they burned of us in Barnwell onto my computer and took it up to my girlfriend's place. There we made another CD of just 2 of the songs, When I Survey and Hold Out Your Light. Josh Good, the tenor for Voice of Praise, really liked it. Or at least he said he did.

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Saturday, February 26


Just in case you don't hear from me in the next week, don't give up on me. I've got mid-terms this week and it appears to be very hectic. I just finished up my calculus test, and I'm thinking about switching majors. Ok, not really. But it is fun and fairly easy for me. I think it is sorta like singing tenor: anybody can do that! :) It's crazy: sometimes the math doesn't seem to make any good sense in class, but by exam time, Bingo!, it's all falling into line.

I just hope that will happen with the Biology and Chemistry tests.

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Wednesday, February 23

After the Storm, The Sky

I didn't take the time yesterday to expound on the wonders that my God has wrought. For those who don't live in this area, it hailed like fury here in Augusta Monday night. I don't live here and I didn't experience it, but I heard others telling about it. It rained really hard at my house, but I don't think we got any hail. But I digress.

I walked out of the Science Building after my 10:00-11:15 Biology class and couldn't believe it. Earlier, as I had been walking from my English class in another building up to the Science Building, the day had seemed sorta drab. The sky was still gray, etc. But it had all changed. The sky was as deep blue as I had ever seen it. The air actually smelled clean, and this is in Augusta. (I know, there are perhaps those who think Augusta is small in comparison to where you live. Deal with it.) The sun was shining brightly, the lawn had been "cleaned" by the rushing rainwaters, and the deep green of the live oaks was oh-so-gorgeous. The wet sidewalks added to the beauty of it all, as if their sole intent was to remind us of what had been only 12 hours earlier.

It was so awesome.

That's God!!!

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Tuesday, February 22

"Follow the Signs, Open Your Eyes..."

"Do not try to stop chain with your hands." (Found on warning label on certain chain saws.)
"Listen and look for moving blades before removing shield." (Found on mowers and farm equipment.)
"Do not use this for personal hygeine." (Found, where else?!, on a toilet bowl brush!)
"Check all answers that apply." (Directions on English test that I took Tuesday. D-:)

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Saturday, February 19

Have you ever...

tried to sneeze two gut-wrenching sneezes without taking a breath between sneezes? I'm not talking about the rapid-fire sneezes that you can't help. I mean the kind that are sorta like, ahhCHOOO, gasp, ah-ahCHOOO. I tried it yesterday. It stopped the sneeze until I got a breath. But boy it hurt!!

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Friday, February 18

Battle of the Wills

"Once there were these two guys: Will Johnson and Will Arrhenius..."
Ok, I'll stop.

I was thinking about my will v. God's will, and as I sat down to write, that thought filled my cranium. I was originally thinking about a certain situation earlier today. I was trying to work on my computer and these three girls came and sat down at my table. No big deal. But it tried to become a big deal as they began loudly diverging into conversation about their classwork, and how they don't study for tests, yahda yahda. I was sorely tempted more than once to gather up my stuff and march off indignately in search of another study area, turning around and glaring at them as I left to let them know that I wasn't impressed with their obnoxiosity. But I kept remembering that God gives grace to overcome evil thoughts and action potentials. Knowing this, I remained in my seat until I was done with what I had to do.

This right after they left, of course.


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T. G. I. F.

Thank God it's Friday! I'm not being psychodelic here; I'm serious. I love Fridays. I love every day of the week, but especially Friday. Especially today. I was supposed to get my chem test back today, but alas, Dr. Z. didn't have it. He's not sure where it is. He said that he must have left in on his desk in his office at home, so I, along with one other person in my grade, have to wait till Monday to get my test results. Dr. Z. told us that, although he didn't have an average, the grade spread was 18-104. (There was 4 extra points on the test for bonus.) I'm looking forward to getting it back. I asked him what happens if he can't find it, and he didn't have a clue. It had never happened to him before, so he didn't know what would happen. Oh well.
Another reason I like Fridays is that I have the easiest workload on Friday. Chemistry in the morning, and softball class in the afternoon. Sweet!! Last Friday Dr. Darracott made teams based on what we put down as our 3 favorite positions. Since I was the only person that put down pitcher, I was appointed all-time pitcher. Which means I get to bat for both teams! Double-Sweet!!
Quartet practice last night was fairly good, I thought. We're still half panicked about singing Tuesday evening, but God will provide. See Paul's Blog for the pic. How 'bout that ASU t-shirt!!

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Wednesday, February 16


I was asked about my change in test-taking skills. So instead of writing a long comment, I decided to make it a separate post.

Studying, tests, and school in general have been a proverbial breeze to me. I rarely studied for tests, definitely didn't stress about them, didn't check over my answers after I was done with a test, and still made A's most of the time. But since I started college, I've started studying for tests more and spending more time doing homework etc. This as the obvious result of my understanding that (got that part?:)) my future career in medicine depends heavily on my GPA.

I have decided that checking my work at the end of an exam isn't such a bad idea after all. Especially during the times that I'm unsure of my answer(s), when I go back over the questions, it seems that, sometimes, I sense God reminding me of what the answer is. Now, some may say that is just my memory kicking in. However, I know that some of this stuff is definitely God helping me to remember things that we went over in class and I just can't remember studying later. For example, on my final Biology exam last semester, I went back over the exam feeling quite "down" because I couldn't remember the material and had guessed on several of the problems. But when I went back over it, I could definitely feel an urge to change my answer to another answer, the right answer. It was like I could remember writing it in my notes! The same thing happened during my English exam yesterday. I couldn't remember several of the answers to the questions. But when I sat there thinking about and praying about it, several of them came back to me. Now, it wasn't all of them, and it wasn't immediate; but a few came back to me.

It's just one of those God things where He makes it look so easy and reminds you thatHe is in control of everything. Including your memory.

Yep, I'm looking back over the test from now on.

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Tuesday, February 15


I think I'm gonna redo my strategy for taking tests. I had my chemistry test Monday morning. I don't know why Dr. Zuckerman was telling us that it was going to be so hard. The way he talked, it was going to be a doozy, but I thought it was quite easy. A lot of the people I talked to thought it was hard. I dunno. I credit God for allowing me to remember the material. I was panicing Sunday evening when I was studying. But then I was almost panicing when I got done in 20 minutes too. I thought there was a mistake somewhere, so I ended up going back and checking over the test briefly to make sure I hadn't skipped pages, problems, or anything else.

On a different note, I had my English test today. I know my grade will reflect the lack of. . . sufficient studying, shall we say?

Oh, and I got to talk with my Biology prof yesterday too. I had sent her an article from the Answers in Genesis website. She said she hadn't read it yet, but was looking forward to it. I'm still trying to figure out where she stands. I mean, I know she's an evolutionist and all, but she seems so willing to see what I have to say from the other side too. I just don't know, unless it is just a guise to persuade me somehow to see it from her angle.

I offer no apologies. With God's help, I will not be swayed.

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Thursday, February 10


My Internet access at home finally started acting properly for me. For the longest time, it kept knocking me off line when I was on, and for no apparent reason. But now, happily, it behaves much better for me. Now, I might be able to blog over the weekend from my house. No guarantees.
Speaking of weekends, I've been really looking forward to this one. My fiancee is coming down to see me!! She's coming down tonight, (late), and I get to take her to school with me tomorrow. So, she gets to sit in on my chemistry and softball classes (that's all I have Fridays). It's been a weekend shy of four weeks since I saw her. I'd say it's about time I see her again!!!
ER practice was Tuesday night. We've been asked to give an Easter program at one of our conference churches. Let's just say that we have our work cut out for us. . .

128 days of singlehood stare me in the face.

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I was sitting here in this study room, all by myself, trying to decide what I could interest (or bore, take your pick) you with when I saw it. This lady just walked past. Hilarious!! She was "fairly robust" and had her hair dyed white. Well not white, but it was as light blonde as she could get it. Not that I haven't seen that before, but here's the kicker: she had the front strands dyed bright pink!! I'm talkin', neon, light-your-world pink. I was wishing I had a picture of it, but it was actually quite nasty. I would throw the picture away as soon as I could. What a waste of film and money that would be. . .

What a waste of time that hairdo was. . .

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Tuesday, February 8

Just Because. . .

Just because I believe something is right doesn't necessarily mean it is right, unless it can be proven by me or an authority on the subject. Just because I believe something is wrong doesn't necessarily mean it is wrong, unless the fallacy can be proven by me or someone else.

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Saturday, February 5

"Borrowed" Ideas

Ok, so I'm acting on an idea from the By-log. My apologies to By if he's insulted.

Quick poll. Who wins the Super Bowl?

Belichick, Brady, and the Patriots?

Or Reid, McNabb, and the Eagles?

What's the final score?

And how big a role will T. O. play tomorrow?

Just to be fair, only comments posted before the game will be counted.

The clocks ticking: the game is tomorrow. Happy Predictions.

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Friday, February 4

Chemically Speaking...

I'm starting to really enjoy my chemistry class. My teacher, Dr. Z., has so much more energy than my Chem I prof. did. Which makes me think that if he were growing up in this generation, he probably wouldn't stand a chance. He would be too smart in school, he would be making better grades than the other kids (and making a nuisance of himself because the rest of the class would be so slow), and the teachers would require that he be put on Ridalin "for his hyperactivity."

Right. I've heard comments that the effects of Ridalin is not much different than cocaine. Kids turn to that when they get older and with the city kids and all. All for the sake of their incompetent teachers... But I digress.

Dr. Z. tells us that studies have shown that when we talk about what we are learning, we learn it better. So, in class today, we had a group discussion. Within our small assigned groups, we talked about chemical reactions, what makes them occur, and why they occur the way they do.

Quite interesting, when you get to the molecular level.

Which makes me happy that Dr. Z. escaped the R drug. Class would be such a bore.

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Thursday, February 3

Need for Speed

I decided to stop by the Doctor's office on my way home from school yesterday to have my ankle checked out. I didn't think it was broken, but I wanted to make sure.

It wasn't, just a bad sprain. Now I just gotta take things slow for the next few weeks of my allotted time in existence.

Six pictures is alot of radiation in my foot though.

I'm really concerned (sarcasm dripping from my tonsils...)

I got my calculus test back Tuesday. One thing I don't particularly care for is tests that only have about 14 answers on them, like my calc. test. 6 numbered problems, some with more than one question. Oh well, I didn't make up the test...

I took my Biology test today. 60 multiple choice problems.

Way too many.

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Tuesday, February 1

Settling the Score

Ah, the sweet taste of a score settled. What bliss, what satisfaction, when we know that "the score is settled." I settled a few of my own yesterday.

But not what you're thinkin'.

Nay, friend (or foe, that works too), I speak of music scores. And test scores.

I didn't get my calculus test back yet, but then, I haven't had class yet either. I don't know if I'll get it back today or not. I feel pretty confident about it, though. That last-minute review paid off. (Just so you know. Cramming is counter-productive to good grades: it produces jumbled phrases and facts in the mind and one becomes exceedingly confused as a result. Review is/can be extremely productive: complete sentences, non-intertwined, are more likely to occur.) I've got a Biology test on Thursday. That should prove interesting, with meiosis, mitosis, genetic recombination, and protozoa the main subjects. All for the love of life.

Now for the music scores. Our practice went well last night, I believe. Aside from my headache, which can really be felt when you hit a bass note (a true bass note) and you feel your whole head vibrate with the resonating tone. That's the only time in my life that I wish I didn't have a clue about proper singing techniques. But once it is there, you can't shake it off. So, I bear the pain and sing to God. We went over some new songs, and listened to a song that I had downloaded off the Internet. Beautiful, powerful!! I hope we can do it justice. . . Only time will tell. I know we can, it is just a matter of if we will.

Such was our first practice as Eternal Revenue.

Now we'll have to see about the mp3. . .

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