Wednesday, September 28

On to another week

Our company is gone, Vern has dropped his Zoology class for different reasons, and so another week is under way in our household!

Thanks to Dad, our house is looking more lived-in now! He really put in time this last weekend hanging up whatever I could find for him to do--a ceiling fan in our bedroom, a shade on the back door, nic nac shelves here and there, pictures up around......thanks Dad and Mom for all you helped to do while you were down!

About Vern's dropping that class--he'll have to post on that later.

Loren, I'm trying to condense this for your sake! =]

Til next time, God Bless your day!

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Monday, September 19

More Company!

Hello again! This is Lez, once again, for us and our BUSY schedule. My dear husband worked 6 days this last week and bless his heart, had only a little bit of time to rest on Sunday, though if you read my brother Paul Yates' blog, you found out that their quartet had a program Sunday night, so there went some of Vern's resting day, with practice before church. Then after the program we had all but Titus of the quartet members and families back over here for snacks and more fellowship. But now, on to another week of Vern's crazy life of school and work with studying put in wherever possible.

I'm getting excited because my parents are coming down to see us this weekend! They haven't been able to make it down since we got married, and this weekend marked three months of our married life! By the way, for those of you that haven't picked up on this yet, my single life was based out of South Boston, VA.

You can pray for Vern this week and next because he has tests coming up that he's not quite ready for, and also that he'll be able to find time to study this weekend with out-of-town family in, and also for my folks as they travel.

Enjoy another week the Lord has given you!

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Thursday, September 1

Our Company

Last weekend, we had our first company that stayed all weekend! We've had family members here overnight on two occasions, but this was the first time someone's actually come specifically to see us!
Our friend, Jamin Miller, from VA, was coming to his cousin's wedding down here and brought along his girlfriend, Krista Good, also from South Boston, who happens to be my first and a half cousin! They arrived Thursday night and were here until Saturday evening.
Friday morning found Vern going to school, and since he didn't have his first class that morning, we all got to have a lazy beginning that morning, which was nice since it was ahem, early morning as it was, until we went to bed! Jamin headed down the road to the wedding, and Kris stayed here with me for the day.
Skipping the girlish details of just talking and catching up, and taking a walk to work on our much-needed exercise, we just hung out for the day and enjoyed being in each other's presence! Then Jamin came back and he and Kris hung out while I went to the grocery to get some needed ingredients for enchiladas for supper that night.
Once I was back, I put Jamin to work putting together our water hose holder outside, since Vern and I hadn't gotten to it yet and Jamin was needing something to do, he said.

After that, I pulled out our King's Court game, and taught Jamin and Kris how to play. So that occupied us until Vern got home, and we all played it together after supper, as couples, since it's a two person game. Then just talked until too late again.

Saturday morning found us heading to a Hindu temple, as an assignment Vern had for his Humanities class. We weren't sure if we'd actually observe a service or was more a sit on the floor, as they do, and we were educated on the Hindu beliefs and religion. We were there an hour and to say the least, it was an experience I'll never forget!
We then went to the mall and walked around buying nothing, believe it or not!, and then headed to O'Charley's (one of my FAVORITE restaurants) for lunch, having a way too big meal!
Then we took them to the Augusta Riverwalk, which is spectacular. Vern and I've only been there several times, and so this was nice to get to just take time to walk around, enjoying God's beauty, while not enjoying the heat! Vern got to video a squirrel up close and personal, munching bread thrown to him, and also a group of mallard ducks, and then toward the end of that, a female duck bringing her albino boyfriend up to the group, quacking away like I've never seen before!

We then came home, and Jam and Kris packed up and left about 5 that evening. Vern and I went down for much-needed naps, and Vern stayed in bed until the next morning! I decided he was lacking sleep enough I would just let him go until he woke up....well, that never happened..he said the next morning that he DEFINITELY felt more rested.....

So all in all--we had a wonderful weekend with our friends! Thanks, Jamin and Krista, for all the memories we made!
And I must confess, my husband told me after reading my post last night, that I am indeed Truthseeker's daughter, due to my long post.....well, this one happened to be similar in length. Sorry about that! I like details! Though I will try not to overdo it.
Enjoy the day God has given you today!

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