Saturday, September 29


My mom is to be coming home today! Please pray for all the adjustments to be made here, for Mom especially, for Dad, myself and Kaylie, as we help.

God Bless your weekend!

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Thursday, September 27

Post Surgery Post

Okay, so I'm at my mom's now, and she's not! Mom is doing much better, but is still in the hospital, and isn't expected to come home until the beginning of next week.

Today was a serious cleaning day, and I'm feeling the effects of driving yesterday, not sleeping but so well last night, cleaning 2 1/2 baths today, plus laundry, other cleaning up, etc. PTL for relatives who came over and dusted, vacuumed and mopped for me. My back is already tired, and I haven't had to clean a house this big since I was single. So the extra help was greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mildred and Suzanne!

I heard Dad tell someone that I'm up here and that is taking some of the load off him, for which I was glad to hear him say. He hadn't said as much before, and that makes it all the more worth staying up here, even though I feel like I'll be twiddling my thumbs, per se, till Mom gets home. And I miss my husband!

Pray for us all with the adjustments we're all going through right now.
Go with God this week!


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Wednesday, September 19

Mom's Surgery

Mom's knee(s) surgery went well, no complications, and she is recovering as well as can be expected.

Specific prayer requests:

~Mom, as she heals and deals with tremendous pain.
~Dad, as he tries to hold the fort down between his job, sleeping, and going to be with Mom.
~Mom's helpers who are staying with her until we family can get there.
~Myself, as I prepare to leave home for 2 weeks+ to care for Mom.
~That I won't have any health issues happen with my pregnancy or Kaylie while in VA that long with a different kind of responsibility.
~Vernon, here at home with school and work and NO WIFE ={.
~My sister, as she plans to come stay with Mom for a week when I leave.

~to GOD, for being the Great Physician!
~No complications during or following surgery, so far.
~Church family and friends who are helping out right now
~Church family and friends that have helped Dad and Mom out financially for this big event and expense.
~Friends like you readers, who pray for all of us involved with Mom's healing process.

Have a God filled week!

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Friday, September 14

Prayer Request

Please pray for my mom (Joy) this coming week. She is having a double knee replacement on Wed. Sept. 19. We're looking at a big recovery here, folks, with both knees done at one time, but prayerfully, everything will go alright. Therapy will be excruciating, she's already been told by several survivors.

Kaylie and I will be going up to help take care of her after she's out of the hospital for about two weeks. Please pray for us as well, and for Vernon here at home.

Have a God-filled weekend!

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