Friday, April 29

Taking Time to Observe

I was driving home yesterday and decided to take the time to notice what all was happening around me instead of just driving. Now, I'm not advocating being a slacker when it comes to driving. I was paying attention to my driving, but having a little fun too. And in my driving, two things caught my eye.

1) I was getting ready to cross over Gordon Highway when I saw this guy in a work van. He had a travel cup sitting on the dash, and as I was approaching him, he reached for the cup. He wasn't watching, and did the little grasp-a-few-times-before-I-actually-have-it-in-my-hands move. I just laughed. It was one of those things that made me feel better because I know I'm not the only one that does something like that.

2) The second thing had to do with talking on the phone. I don't know about you, but sometimes I embarrass myself because I anticipate the other party saying something and preparing myself to comment to that phrase, then when they say something else, I say what I was thinking instead of what makes sense with the conversation. (Make sense?;}) So I was on my way home, and remembered I had a phone call to make to one of my family members (I'm not saying who; that's unfair. That person can reveal their ID if they desire.) So I'm getting ready to get off, and I said something to the effect of "I just wanted to let you know," but the person said (let me see if I can remember) "Uh-huh" with the inflection of someone getting off the phone. I think the person was expecting me to say "See ya later" or something to that effect. Just another one of those "I'm not the only one who does it" realizations for me.

Any personal bloopers that you want to share? Or something you've observed someone else do?
Remember to keep the other persons anonymous. You can reveal your identity only.

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Tuesday, April 26

Finally done

For all those who were praying for me as I wrote my report yesterday, I am eternally indebted to you. I finished it at 2:30 this morning. Now I can only pray that she will be easy enough on me to give me a passing grade.

Please, just a C.

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Monday, April 25

New Blogger

For all those who are interested, we have joining the ranks of bloggers one of my heroes!! Check it out, Ken Ham's Blog. I've added it to my sidebar too.

On another note, I've got a paper due tomorrow. A long ways to go yet, so if you read this in time, you can pray for me. Thanks.

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Friday, April 22

True Manliness

I'm feeling more manly every day. The few dishes that I make dirty while at home, well, I've been washing them. Yes, with my hands, and soap and water. No dishwasher here!

I'm not getting "raisin hands" either.

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Wednesday, April 20

Inspirational, Part II

I saw another great thing happening yesterday. It was about 2:30, and as I was going out of the Science Building to my car, I passed on the steps two ladies, talking. Or so I thought. As I passed by, however, I saw that the one girl had her hand on the other girl's arm, and she was praying. I'm not sure if it was just a prayer of encouragement, or if she was leading the other lady to Christ. But it was truly, TRULY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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I meant to post this the other day and never had time for it. So now, I'm taking the time to make a post. Or two.

Harvest Crusades with Greg Laurie is here in Augusta, at the Augusta/Richmond County Civic Center, from Sunday, April 17, to tonight, April 20. I'm too busy to go, but I wish I could. Monday, I was going up the steps to the second floor of Allgood Hall, and at the top of the steps I was accosted by another presumed student. He was different, though; had a Bible in his hand. He said his name is Dean, and started telling me about the Crusade and invited me to come out. I explained to him that I wanted to come but my class schedule prevented me. I also said that I wanted to be there Sunday evening, but my quartet was singing at my church that evening. He then made a comment about preaching to the choir. :) We talked for awhile, he asked me my major (Biology) and said he is a history major. I enjoyed talking to this scruffy bearded fellow (he probably hadn't shaved in a week), and it was borderline to a strange experience when he said,"God bless you, man," and I said,"God bless you too!" It was really encouraging to talk about Christianity at a secular college.

I then went into my little corner room and started studying. It was sorta hard to concentrate, so I just sat and watched a little bit. Turns out that all four young people there (Dean plus another guy and two girls) were handing out fliers and inviting people to come to the crusade. I saw the
Other Guy talking to An Agnostic who was knocking Christianity, and even though I couldn't hear OG, I could tell by the comments of AA that he was defending his faith well. Also saw Dean talking to the chair of the math department.

I heard later on the local Christian radio station that the church in California, where Pastor Laurie is from, had sent 30-40 youth in, specifically to invite people to the crusade. And they were at ASU that day.

Like a breath of fresh air. . .

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Monday, April 18


Ok, so I don't have any. I did the one-hour thing at Wal-Mart, and their machine went down with my film in there. So it was in there for several hours, and now my pictures are discoloured, have lines through them, and, in a word, ruined!! I had some really good ones too. I might be able to put one up, we'll see about that.

Sorry to disappoint you folks.

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Saturday, April 9

Goodbye Grandad. I Love You

I just got the news this morning That you had slipped away.
It seemed my heart was broken, It couldn't end this way.
But then I saw with Spirit-eyes The entrance you must have made
Running to the arms of Jesus, Finally home to stay.
With other
Heroes of the faith, Soldiers of the Cross,
Singing out the grand old story,"Jesus saves the lost!"
And even though you've laid your armor Down and passed the torch,
Your are our heroes of the Faith, Soldiers of the Cross.

Now it's time to lay your armor Down and pass the torch.
But you're a Hero of my Faith,
A strong Soldier of the Cross.

Good-bye Grandpap. I miss you, and I love you.

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Friday, April 8

Pictures Forthcoming (hopefully)

I was in town today again. This time, I was prepared for the flowers. I took my camera along so that I could take pictures of the azaleas, dogwoods, and wisteria (in the country). I don't have any pictures of the wisteria yet, but I plan to get that done soon. Also, I hope to get some of the pics from the other week when Lez was down and we went to take engagement pictures. Warning: some of them are not serious!! But these all will probably wait until next weekend or later.

Georgia is so beautiful. But this week, Masters week, is so much more wonderful.

I love Spring.

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Thursday, April 7

Grasping for Straws

I was busy yesterday. We were cutting silage all afternoon. We started around 12 bells, and I don't think they finished until around 8:00. At precisely 6:05, I remembered that I had agreed to be in charge for prayer meeting. At 7:30. This meant that I had to get something ready for devotions, and I didn't have a whole lot of time to decide what to talk about. I had earlier thought about talking on dinosaurs, but decided to talk about Genesis 1 instead. Yes, the Creation story. I believe it is a fundamental part of Christianity. I felt very discumbobulated in my speech, but then, what could I expect from 25 minutes of study??

I can only rest in the fact that it was not intentional, and I wasn't just goofing off instead of studying. That would have been inexcusable.

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Tuesday, April 5

When the Pillars are Removed

This caught my eye while looking at the AiG website. I try to check it as often as possible and read the new article. I have found many fascinating and helpful tools on this site. But this article is about a Georgia native who has been a steadfast supporter of AiG and defender of the Faith and has passed on to his reward. I wonder who will fill his shoes. When the pillars are removed, one of two things will happen. Either another pillar (or set of pillars) will be moved in place to support the structure, or the structure will have a noticeable weakness.
On the other hand, I have often wondered what AiG would say about the recent passing of the Pope. I have my answer. Sorta.

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Talkin' Turkey

I shamefully forgot to mention an event that transpired yesterday. I was down here in my room, on my computer, when I heard this strange sound. My initial thought was,"Man, that's one sick tree-peeper." But then I heard it again, about five minutes later. The sound was coming from right outside one of the basement windows. That's why I thought it was a tree-peeper; we often have them in the window wells in the springtime. But the second time, I recognized the sound about a minute after I heard it. It was a turkey!! I raced upstairs to peek out the window, but I didn't see anything. I thought about getting a gun, but decided to get my camera and take a picture if I could. I came back downstairs, got my camera, and crept out the back door. I didn't get to see him at all, but I know it was a turkey. I only wish I could have seen him for real.

Here's a good picture of one.

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Monday, April 4

Spring Break

I love it!!!!!!!

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From Way Back

I promised you, worthy reader, that I would publish my thoughts concerning the Gladys Youth Rally the other week. Ah, yes. Let's see, the, the Gladys ( his lawyer hisses,"quit stalling, just say something!!" "Yes, Sir!!) Gladys Youth Rally! He feels invigorated, sorta like Tom Sawyer painting the fence after Aunt Polly's slipper has reminded his hind end of his task.

I really enjoyed the weekend. Friday evening, we played volleyball for a long while, and I had fun hanging out with people I knew (and those I didn't know.) It was really great to see and hang out with my fiancee again. And don't forget the one who invited us: Darin. It's always refreshing to talk to him, to play volleyball with him, to just be around him. I mean, the guy just exudes godliness.

We went back over to South Boston Friday evening. I forget what we did Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we went back over to Lynchburg for the afternoon session. I had meant to take extra clothes along to play v-ball in, but I forgot. So I played about two games in khakis, then we went home to set up the fellowship hall where we are having our reception so that we would have an idea of how we would set it up later. I really enjoyed the weekend. It's always refreshing to listen to the Word being preached, and to make new friends and be with your good friends. Something about certain people, they invigorate you.

Which makes me ask myself the question, Do I invigorate others?

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Saturday evening

I really enjoyed Voice of Praise's program Saturday evening. It was really good to see them all, especially Josh, and remember that Eternal Revenue has a long way to go yet. It was quite humbling, really, to sit and listen, all the while sub-consciously comparing us and them, and thinking,"Wow! We've got a ways to go!!" But it's okay. I've had to remind myself that they've been singing longer than we have, and practice makes better.

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Friday, April 1

Spring Break!!

Well, it's here. Another week of school is over, and I'm headed into spring break. It's going to be nice to catch a breather here, to try to catch up on some schoolwork, and to work a little. I got my calculus test back this morning, and I actually feel good about the chemistry test I took this morning. I made a 99 on the calculus exam. Now to wait a whole week plus some for my chemistry test. I can live with that.

ATC and ASU, rest in peace until I get back. I'm outta here.

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