Monday, July 31

Enough already!

It was only a matter of time. All the talk in the media about Floyd Landis, "the Mennonite rider," could only result in one thing for me, "the Mennonite nurse's aide": sooner or later, I was going to be asked about it. I suppose I should be thankful for it, since it gives me an opportunity to witness to my co-workers as well as telling me that people know that I'm "different" and want to know more about it.

First, a little history. There are seven of us heavy-duty workers there that work on my floor. Three of us are only on my floor, with one or two of us there at one time (sometimes two in the summer, only one during school,) and four that "float" over three floors, with mine being one of them. Only two of them are there at any given time. Lately, one of the floater guys has started bringing his Bible to read during downtime. That inspired another floater to bring a book to read also. FYI, he's reading John Eldridge's Wild at Heart. That inspired me to take a book to read also, so I choose to take Max Lucado's And The Angels Were Silent. Much better, I must admit, than sitting around talking mostly about trivial things and watching SportsCenter on ESPN. Oh yeah, sometimes a few of us get a copy of the daily paper and do the Sudoku and the crossword puzzle. But that's a bunny trail...

So this morning, while we're talking about one of the guy's trip to Europe, and reading our respective books, and SportsCenter is muted, who are they talking about on SC but Mark McGuire. Now, we guys are typical guys, and normally free ourselves to make any comment that we feel led to make. So I piped up. "Cheater!"

"You mean about the steroids deal?"


"Yeah." "I know."

"Hey, what about ole Floyd Landis? He's a Mennonite, isn't he?"

So then we launched into a conversation about how he had left the Mennonite faith, no longer associated himself with the Mennonites, and all that stuff. I clarified that it wasn't professional sports that was the major problem: rather, it was the fact that most sports are played on Sunday, and that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Then we got into where the Mennonites came from, there relation to the Amish, Baptists, and Methodists. (One of the guys, the one who was asking questions, is a Baptist. The other is a Methodist. He and I had had this discussion last week when the Baptist was on vacation.) I shared some of the key differences that the Mennonites had (actually they were called the Swiss Brethren of themselves, and Anabaptists by others), such as believer's baptism vs. infant baptism (fortunately we didn't get into modes of baptism!!), nonresistance, and separation of church and state. I was able to share with them how we feel that Christians should not be part of the government because of Romans 12 and 13, which explains the Christian's responsibility vs. the government's responsibility. I explained that, because I don't believe that Christians belong in office, I don't vote, because if I vote for someone, I must fully support his decisions, either conservative or liberal, including going to war, or supporting abortion if I vote for one who believes that it is okay. They couldn't grasp that idea. One of them said,"Yes, I am all for separation of church and state. But I take pride in the fact that I can take part in putting a Godly leader into office to lead this nation, just like putting a Godly leader in position to lead a congregation." They both felt that, if Christians weren't in government, then the nation would not last, saying things like "this nation was founded on Christian principles" and "Christian leaders help with the moral values in the country." I countered with "God will set up whom He will, and He will take down whom He will." It was a very good conversation for me. I say that not because I convinced someone that I was right (I didn't) or that they were wrong (I didn't); no, it was good for me spiritually to know where I stand, and why I believe what I believe. 'Cause, trust me, "my church tells me to do it like this," "that's the way Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, etc., have always done it," "that's how we've always done it," "my church won't allow me to" (yeah right, who ever held a gun to your head and forced you to do something against your will? If you do wrong and you are disciplined, take it right. If it is not wrong, show me where you can do it Biblically!!). Nuh-uh. Nope. No way. That will work neither for the agnostic who is looking to blow holes in your balloon of a belief, nor for the seeker who is looking for an umbrella from the storm. Gotta find your own reasons why and why not.

So thanks, Floyd. Maybe I'll reconsider my title. Maybe it isn't "enough already!" Perhaps it is, humbly,"Bring it on." Not because I have all the answers, but because I need to find the answers, find what I believe and where the Bible addresses it. So again, Thanks, Floyd. Really.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I've got a Bible that is begging to be opened...

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Saturday, July 29

Trying Something New

I'm trying something new on my site here, and I'm going to see how I like it. It's this post summary thing,and this is a test post to see how I like it. This way, I can cut down on my front page space and give you/us a nicer, less cluttered look. Maybe.

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Friday, July 28

Retail and corporate differences

I learned a new thing about cell phone carriers last night. Well, at least with Verizon Wireless. As of June 16th, I'm up for a renewal on my phone, so I went in to the corporate store and asked them about getting a free phone and they told me that due to my phone being the secondary line on our account, I had to pay for mine, versus Vern getting his free if he chose to, with the primary line. Their cheapest phone was basically $60. I said forget it, we weren't looking to pay that right now, I'll just stick with what I have a little longer and deal with any problems that crop up now and then.

Then last night we stepped in the retail store, to ask her 'how we could save money on our bill, because the sign at the door told us to ask how we could save $25. We stood there at the door and debated if it was worth it, and decided sure, why not, couldn't hurt. This place sells Verizon, but isn't called Verizon, therefore making itself a retail store, not corporate. I didn't realize that makes the difference in 'retail' versus 'corporate'. All you men or better educated women can laugh now, if you already knew this.
In the course of conversation with the sales rep, I asked her about getting my phone renewed and repeated what I'd been told. She looked at me as if I'd grown a third eye, and we got to checking on this, and not only was she able to get me a free phone on our plan (They are no longer selling our price plan, meaning we'd have to upgrade, which we weren't going to do now.), but she also gave Vern a free belt clip for his phone when she saw him checking them out.
Now that's what I call service! I will definitely go back to her, versus the corporate store from now on! She bent over backwards to keep us as Verizon customers, and I liked that.

Apparently with corporate stores, they have way more rules and regulations they have to follow, whereas Money Talks, or whatever her store was called, doesn't. Since they aren't employed by Verizon as such, they only have the minimum of guidelines to follow. Needless to say, I was glad!

How many of you use Verizon? What other cell carrier do you use?

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How many of you get migraine headaches? What do you do to get rid of them? I woke up around 3something, realizing my hubby was tossing in the bed, and he had yet another migraine. He doesn't get them often, but whenever he does, it's a migraine. He doesn't seem prone to 'simple' headaches. I, on the other hand, can get headaches quite often, or then again, go for a long stretch and not have's weird. But I can't claim a migraine. Vern ends up in bed, not able to get up, lights off, no talking. This morning he opted for ibuprofen instead of Goody powder, drinking some and a cool, then later warm washcloth. What other remedies are there that you've used? I've heard caffeine works.......
~Mrs. Doc

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Wednesday, July 26


Today marks two types of celebration for our family. The most significant--Kaylie is three months old today! I used a coupon for Olan Mills and had her pictures taken....and of course, I had to buy some extras....I was figuring I'd retake her pictures somewhere else, or either at home, and that way, I'd have more wallets without the price of extras at the studio. Then I decided while in the studio, that they're already taken, it's just going to be another ordeal to go somewhere else, or wherever and set up to take we'll just ship out some money and pay for these......the coupons they give you from the hospital only give you 11 pictures......that won't go far in our family!

The other celebration is--today Vern is done with his ten days straight! YAY! Unfortunately, tomorrow on his day off, there are a few things we have to do which require his presence.
We received a list not long ago of different categories/places where University Hospital employees get certain % of those is our cell phone provider--Verizon Wireless. I figured it up last night and we will now save a few cents over $12/month. We were both thrilled, to say the least! The only thing about it is, you have to present your employee ID to get the discount. So I no longer can pay by phone....he has to go in the store with his ID.

The other thing needing his attention is he needs new work shoes....his others are shot. He's worn these Family Dollar shoes for a year, and they're coming apart....tells you what kinda job he has...

Maybe after these two things are accomplished, we can go walk at the was 97 degrees today, so I doubt we'll be enthusiastic about walking outside. I'm determined to work my weight back down though regardless of the heat. Any of you other new moms feel this way?

Y'all have a great weekend!


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Friday, July 21

12 Weeks Old

Here's our adorable daughter....we get a lot of feedback on which parent she favors. What do YOU think?

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Busy once again....

How many of you are deep into harvesting your gardens? We've only done up corn and peaches......but we went down and did them with Vern's family, so it took a long day to get that all accomplished. I wanted to do up green beans to add to what's left from last year, but it just didn't suit me to go down and pick them whenever they were ready.....oh well.

Last weekend my cousin Rachel was here from Thursday night, 12:30ish, until Monday was a grand time. I so love having company! Our daughter also enjoyed having someone always available to hold her, with an extra person around. Or so she thought....and basically came true. =]

This weekend two good friends of ours, Gabriel and Janelle Yoder, with their new little one, Ashley, from Floyd, VA, will be staying here while attending Tim Sommers and Phyllis Quackenbos's wedding. We haven't seen them in over a, how time flies.......

Vern is on his fifth day today of a ten day straight, 12 hour shift stretch.....which means he's gone about 13 1/2 hour days.....I know we both will be glad when this is over and we can sleep in one morning....okay, I'm a mother, I don't get to sleep in......but at least after a feeding I can go back to bed then, right?! I know, I know, you with more than one child are thinking, 'Must be nice! Enjoy it while you can before more children come along!' Believe me, I will. =]

Hope you all have a great weekend!
~Mrs. Doc

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Sunday, July 9

Our month of June

I finally got on Blogger here and figured out how to post pictures......wish I would've done that long ago..........coulda been posting pictures a long time ago.

We've had a busy month of June. The first weekend my dad was down to see the new granddaughters and to pick up Mom, who had been here for two weeks helping out with the babes. The second weekend my sister and bro-in-law were down. Sadly, Vern had to work Saturday and Sunday both of those weekends.....the next weekend was our anniversary, for which Vern had taken off and had worked the weekend before to make up for it. The following Friday--the 23rd, we left for South Boston for my cousin's Crystal Good's wedding to Joe Miller from Stuarts Draft, VA. Vern had to leave Monday, but I stayed up at Dad and Mom's that week, and enjoyed seeing friends and having my former seamstress sew up two dresses for me for the following weekend. Vern came back up Wednesday night after work and literally stayed in bed all of Thursday until 5:30 that evening. Needless to say, he had a hard time going to sleep that night. We left Friday for Maryland for another wedding. Our good friend, who was also my maid of honor, Lisa Yoder, married Ron Swartzentruber. They lived about 30 mins. apart but both went to Mountain View Mennonite Church, which is the home of the Mountain Anthems. And yes, Ron and Lisa both sing in that.
We left there Sunday morning after Sunday school and headed to Michigan to visit Vern's brother and family. After 12 hours on the road, we made it! We were there until Wednesday afternoon. We decided to travel through the night and after 18 hours on the road, we made it home by 9 o'clock Thursday morning. It's been catch up ever since.

I'll post more pictures of our Cutie later. She is now 10 1/2 weeks old. She is really responding to faces, cooing and smiling when talked to. She's so much fun!
She has her 2 month shots on Tuesday........yay.


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