Friday, February 23

God Said Yes Today!

This might seem small to some of you, but to me, this was BIG. God not only said yes; He said Yes, TODAY!

Kaylie is no longer able to fit in her infant seat, due to the straps being too tight. I think this is a combination of the seat being at least 6 years old and possibly older, so maybe Graco has learned more about needing more strap adjustment room since then, and the fact that it only has two height adjustments, and my daughter is long/tall. Try adding a jacket to the bulk, and you can just barely get her strapped in, and almost break the adjuster and your finger in the process.

Unfortunately the only other seat I own anymore is a 20-100 lb. toddler seat, front-facing only. It is one of those that has a 5 point harness, but also has seat belt holders/adjusters on the side of the seat, so that once the child is too big for straps, you can simply use the seat as a booster seat with a seat belt, yada, yada. I bought it for the express purpose of the older preschoolers in my daycare at the time. I had other car seats for the younger ones.
So obviously Kaylie is not able to be in this toddler seat. The law in our state is she has to be 20 lbs. and 1 year old before she can be turned around. She is neither. She will be ten months on Monday and is still under 18 lbs. at present.
So I borrowed an either/or seat from a friend, swapping mine for theirs until Kaylie can be turned around, still wishing I had one of my own for later....if Kaylie is doing this many others of my children will do this?

Then today I decided to follow my urge to stop in Goodwill on the way to see Vernon at the hospital, and check for car seats......last time I was in this particular Goodwill, they didn't have any......this time they had an infant seat, a rear facing/front facing, and one like I have for older toddlers.........I was ecstatic about the either/or! I called Vern to make sure he agreed with me, and he said I could get it. I had breathed a prayer before I went in there, kinda sub-consciously, knowing what price range it had to be in, and told myself I really shouldn't pay over $5 for it, yet knew I might want to get one anyway if it was not far over that price, depending on the condition. It was $3.03. Exactly what I needed and wanted! The seat we are borrowing is like one I used to own, that has the bar that comes over the child's head, with a three point harness. I used to like those....I'm finding now it can be frustrating because Kaylie can't hold her juice bottle or much else very well over the bar. This seat from Goodwill has just straps, no bar, though has the capability, since it's made the same way as the borrowed seat, I later realized, upon examination. The only difference is it lacks the bar and has a 5 point harness.

All I know is God knew my need and provided today. I am thankful. The seat cover and straps have been washed and dried and are ready for our next trip out.

What has God answered yes to for you lately?

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Wednesday, February 21

Here's my girl, with her hair everywhere anymore. She's at that stage where her hair is constantly in her eyes, but is not quite enough to keep a hairbow in except for church. I think we're about ready for rubberbands......

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Tuesday, February 20

Answer to Prayer

"God is so good....He cares for me/you.....He answers prayer.."

We got our tax return back yesterday and we get a nice sized refund this year!  We are rejoicing in God's timing and grace!  Once again, we're extra thankful to have a daughter, too. =]  I've never had a refund, since my daycare was viewed as self-employed, which means you pay out big bucks.  Even after we were married, we had to pay out, for various reasons.  
"Over and over and over again, Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

So did you get to do something special today? My hubby has his long day today, so we don't even get to spend time together today. I'm okay with that because the last two nights, he has shown his love to me, much more than just spending today with me could.

Monday evening after school, Vernon headed down to the accountant's office to hand in our tax info. We're using a new accountant this year, and since Vern has livestock info to handle, we're not confident enough on our own to do e-file or something like that.
After Vern left Mr. Bailey's, he called and asked if he should bring supper home. What would any wife say?! I didn't have anything together yet, so simply said, if he felt we could afford it. Well, he just did it this time, and when he got home, Kaylie was napping, so we got to eat our meal, just the two of us! That was like Valentine's Day all in itself!

Yesterday--Tuesday, I ended up at the doctor's office after work, and Vernon met me there after school. Kaylie has had fever off and on since Friday night, spiking high on Sunday and yesterday and waking up with high fevers as well, so we decided it's no longer teething fever, it's time to be checked out. Her doctor's complex has a night clinic, so once I got there, Vern told me to pull up under the pavilion and he'd go park the car, since it was raining. We sat in the waiting room about an hour, waiting for our turn, and I commented to Vern about this could be him someday, being the only doctor on call in his profession.
We finally headed home two hours after arriving there, and Vern told me he'd pick up supper so that once we were home, we could concentrate on Kaylie and not have to cook.

Needless to say, these past two days have shown me more than any card or flowers could, that my husband cares about his family.

So to my wonderful husband, who has to be away from his family today,

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Friday, February 9


It's that time of year again....when we all start pulling out paperwork from the last year, etc., etc.

Have you filed your taxes this year?

By what means did you file them? Online, through an accountant, ?

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Friday, February 2

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Thursday, February 1


Kaylie~9 months & Morgan~3 months

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