Wednesday, February 27

Double Crowns

How many of you have children with double crowns?

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Monday, February 25

Reflux Update

I took Ashleigh in to see her Dr. last Thursday for a sick appt. because I didn't like the sound of her cough. Ended up her lungs were clear, but he did put her on Zantac (okay, the generic of) for her reflux. And as much as I don't like putting her on medicine at only a month old, I am all for this medicine. She is doing so much better with not throwing up! Mom's happy to get to wear the same dress all day! =] And maybe not change Ashleigh's outfit either.

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Saturday, February 16

Sleeping Positions

What position does your baby sleep in? If your baby is a stomach sleeper, how old was he/she when you started putting them down like that?

I'm curious, because I'm a firm believer in stomach sleeping. I know pediatricians can't advise it, and I don't start my babies out that way, but when they're taught to put themselves to sleep, I do the belly thing. I'm speaking as in with my daycare experience and now my own children.
Now with Kaylie, for some reason, she preferred her side after a while--her back to the side of the playpen, and her front to the wall. Obviously as your child gets older, they change their positions and might sleep in a variety of ways, no pattern as such.

I'm almost certain Ashleigh has some acid reflux trouble, the last couple days, nights even!, I've tried her stomach for sleeping and she's doing great! She's been pulling her head back, instead of just scrubbing her face against us, etc., and I watched her do this in her bed this morning, so that gives me relief, knowing she can move her face around. Yes, she is only 3 1/2 weeks old, but I'm desperate for anything that works to give her stomach relief!

Have any of your children had reflux trouble? I've only dealt with this some among the children I've dealt with.......I need some tips! I haven't spoken to her doctor about it yet--I'm waiting until her two month checkup to see how she is till then to give a better voice of experience then.

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Thursday, February 14

More Roses!

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm feeling very loved today!

One of our friends brought us supper for tonight, and......
I received roses from my hubby!

He told me the other roses weren't for V-Day, and lived up to his word! I'm feeling very cared for, that's for sure. My mom here for 3 1/2 weeks, meals being brought in, flowers twice in a week's time.....another friends called today to make sure I was doing okay, checking on my laundry status, etc.

Today I'm thankful for the "roses" in my life--my family and friends, and the way they show they care about this new mom!

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Tuesday, February 12

My Love

My dear hubby walked in last night with roses in hand.
He told me "and they're not even for Valentine's Day!"
Isn't he the dearest?

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Vernon's Life

In case you're wondering about Vernon's January events--

His new job is going well, and he's really enjoying it. PTL!
His med school day went well. He reconnected with an old friend from ASU, who is currently at MCG, so that was special for both of them to run into each other that day and have time to talk.
His two interviews went well, also. He had to meet with two different people--one faculty member and then the committee member who will present his file to the board.

So for now, we wait. And pray for the Lord's will to be done and for wisdom for the future, no matter what MCG tells us.

On another exciting note--we're paying off our car this week!!!!!!!!!!! We're rather elated about that! Anyone else know what that feels like?!

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Life with the "lie/leigh"s

My mom went home today, after having been here for 3 1/2 weeks! We will miss her greatly, and I'll really miss her help! It's time to get back to just us again, though. Life must go on, right?

Here's our first family picture with the four of us, taken last night. I like the second one better, as far as how we look like a close-knit family, but Ashleigh decided to stretch and look separate from the rest of us. =]
One of these days we'll do a more formal one....

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