Tuesday, July 26

Working Again

I'm back to working again!! This job is going really great, and I'm having a lot of fun. As Rush says,"Having more fun than anyone should be allowed to have!" Or something like that. Or is that Boortz? Whatever. Anyway, because I'm working in a hospital, I can't give you the details of my job, such as who is there, what their problem is, etc. But there was one problem that I can tell you about. There was this person that was to be discharged today, but when we went in to discharge her, she refused, saying that she wanted to wait for some company that was on the way!! We didn't really appreciate that, because we needed that room for another patient. But we just put on our customer service smiles and waited it out.

"Welcome to the Hilton!!"

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Friday, July 22

We Are So Blessed!!

I wanted to post these exciting events of Wednesday earlier. But since I didn’t have a good opportunity to get here, I’ll have to put this in today. This is really cool!

First of all, my wife is now an official Georgia resident! We went and got her GA driver’s license yesterday morning, then went down to the commissioner’s office to get GA tags for her car. That afternoon was my appointment with my orthopaedic doctor, and he gave me clearance to return to full duty! That was a major cause for celebration! He said that I should wait about 2 weeks before I start throwing yet, because it takes about 6 weeks to heal. He told me that I can go ahead and start working on strengthening it though. (I could use that! {:^])

That evening, we went to look at a clothes dryer that we had seen advertised. Of course, we didn't have any idea of what to expect when we would meet the people who owned the dryer. It turns out that they are Presbyterian Christians, she's a nurse, and he's a PA. Really nice people. They decided to give us the dryer for free!! That's not why I call them really nice people though. He works at MCG and is associated with one of the campus Christian groups there. He invited me/us to be a part of that, because he found out that I'm in pre-med. I learned alot from just talking to him: you don't have to be loud and charasmatic for people to know that you know God. He's among the quieter type, as opposed to me, the more talkative type. However, he was not ashamed to ask us if we were Christians, and if we believed in salvation by faith in Christ. Now that's a question that you don't hear very often! But it was good for me, because it reminded me that it is not enough for people to claim to be Christians. There's only one way to heaven, and if you don't believe that, you're not a Christian. Period. And you're not going to heaven. Simple, that.

Yesterday, we were busy (part of the day) helping Naomi do peaches. Okay, so half of them were ours too. After we got done with that, we went to pick up the afore-mentioned dryer. On our way home, we stopped at a gas station to pick up an I Wanta paper. I heard someone mention that, on Belair Road in Augusta, gas was $1.719 per gallon. I asked where it was, and I was directed to the place. I had my dad's pickup, and it needed filled up, so I went over there. The customer that informed me of the location told me that he had waited in line for 45 minutes before he could fill up!! We only had to wait about 10 minutes. We got 27.341 gallons for $47. Contrast that with the regular(?!?! current, maybe) price of $2.109, and that makes $57.66. We saved $10.66!! They had people out there directing traffic in the stations. Situation? One of the gas stations had just opened up, and that station and the one across the road was waging a "gas war." Don't believe me? Read about it here. They also had a sale inside, a 12-pack of 12-oz. cans of Coca-Cola products, five for $10, limit 5 packs. So of course, everyone was stocking up on that too.

Update: I stopped by there this afternoon, and it's up to $1.799. Better get here in a hurry, if you want it!!

Today, I went to University Hospital for my new employee assessment. I'm done with that now, and everything is in line for me to start work on Monday!! It's been great to be home and help Lez with everything here, but I'm ready to, as my HR consultant put it, "do something productive."

Got a softball game to go to tonight. I can't play yet, but I can watch. Or coach. Or ump. Or just ratchet-jaw and make everyone mad.

Update: It seems that they are putting prices at$1.799 during the day, then dropping them back down to $1.719 at night.

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Thursday, July 21

Dr. Bob on Prayer

Dr. Bob has an AWESOME post from yesterday. It is a post on prayer, one that has been in the draft stage for a month. Here's an excerpt:

So what then of prayer? Is it the missing nucleotide in the DNA of
evolution, as Gerard postulates? A cosmic post-it note? Perhaps, although I
prefer to think of it rather differently–it is, to my mind, the coffee house of
another, non-dimensional world, the spiritual world. A world not bounded by time
or space, limits or liabilities. It is friends–not equals, mind you, but close,
trusted friends–sitting together over too-strong brew, sharing odd thoughts,
mulling questions, venting frustrations, angry, remorseful, laughing,
weeping–melding hearts, two into one.

Now, stick with me here, folks. Or rather, stick with him. Go read it. Take your time, 'cause it's a long one. But read it. Absorb it. And be amazed.

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Monday, July 18

Worshipping Before God

Fighting Perversion... has an excellent post here. I'm not quite sure if I can let go enough to break out into dancing during church, but nonetheless I am struck with what he has to share. This comment really hit home.

"Are you giving 100% of your voice to God? Are you acknowledging his greatness with 100% of your being? The answer is probably "no." I've yet to ever be that way. Too often, I'm thinking about how off the pew-force is. Or maybe, I'm thinking about how fun the bass line is to sing."

Yup, singing is fun. Singing bass is fun. But it should not become such fun that we allow ourselves to focus on the beauty of a certain part or parts and detract from the words.

After all, that's what the words are for.

Thanks, Matthew. And thank You, Lord, for the reminder.

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Saturday, July 9

New Links

I've made a few subtle changes to my site. Namely, I've changed a few words, added our email address to the sidebar, and added two new links that I've discovered and enjoy. Hope you do too.

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Friday, July 8

Wedding Experience

Thanks to AiG for this cartoon!

Our wedding day!!

Our bridal party. Hopefully these turn out well for you.

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Thursday, July 7

Wedding Etiquette

The "proper greetings" from the pre-calc. professor reminded me of something that I must post.

It is proper to congratulate the groom on attaining such a wonderful bride, and offer your condolences to the bride as she spends the rest of her days with the old man.

You don't have to say all of it, just the "Congratulations" and "Condolences" are necessary. The rest is understood.

So, to my friends at ITF: "Congratulations, Tom!! And Jewel, you have my deepest sympathies!!"


(He winces, fearing a venomous backlash...)

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Promised Post (From Yoderpianist)

So, I said that I would post on the whole idea of people in the college world noticing the "dressier" appearance of those who do.

My answer, Jeremy? Yes, they do.

Case In Point #1:

My pre-calculus professor, whom I mentioned some time ago, noticed, and thanked me. It was right at the beginning of Spring 05 semester. I had gone to thank him for giving us an enjoyable class the previous semester, and for giving me an A when I was sure I was going to get a B. (He curved the score a little. Basically all professors do.) He said,"Aw, don't worry about it man. You deserved it. And,by the way, I really appreciated your professionalism." He was referring to the way that I always wore my hair nice (at least I tried...), wore nice shirts (by nice I mean either polo shirts or button-down), and dressy pants (either khakis or nice jeans). By nice in the above statements, I don't mean name-brand; I mean in very good condition. I don't have a personal problem with T-shirts: however, I feel as though the university, both students and professors, is my mission, and it is my duty/privilege to dress/speak/act accordingly.

Case In Point #2:

In this instance, it was my year-long Biology professor. It was a reminder to me that everything is included in your appearance. In this case, it was Never mind, read for yourself.

Case In Point #3:

The other day, Lez and I stopped by ASU because we were right by it and I wanted to stop and look around. We stopped by the afore-mentioned pre-calculus professor's office and I introduced him to my new wife. He had met her before as my fiancee, but I was stopping in partly for oldtimes sake. After the proper greetings, he told Lez,"You have a really good one." She did the normal "Oh I know it!" but I tried to stop her. Later, I told her,"He wasn't saying that because that's the characteristic thing to say. He really meant that." I believe that he truly appreciated me as a student, but more so as a person, because of my "professionalism."

Yes, they're watching. We're watching.

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Tuesday, July 5

Howdy, I'm Back!!

Hey folks, I'm back from my long absence. Lez doesn't think it was long, I'm sure, and I've really enjoyed the break from work, computer, etc. But it truly is good to be back. I've got some catching up to do (for you, mostly).

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