Thursday, September 25

Picture Time!

Daddy reading to his girls~

Some pictures from Family Day @ MCG~
Vernon showing us the classroom where he has most of his morning lectures--that's his sister Valerie holding Ashleigh

Ashleigh & Kaylie

Vernon with his two study buddies--Stephen & Christian, at the reception after their White Coat Ceremony

And now for recent pictures of the girls......
Kaylie--2 1/2 years old

Ashleigh--8 months old!

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Friday, September 19

Med School Update

Wow, I think it's been years since I was last on here! So for my wide fan base out there (yes, all 1 of you, thanks for raising your hand,) Here's a sketchy update since you last heard from me.

  1. Yes, I'm in medical school! We just finished our (gasp!) 6th week already, I've taken a few tests and am still here, and it really feels good to be here. (I'm actually posting from the library at school, my new favorite studying place.) Yes, it's some hard-core studying and learning going on, and I'm enjoying it, for the most part.
  2. I get my White Coat tomorrow at our White Coat Ceremony! I'm really looking forward to that.
  3. I get to start seeing patients in the clinics the beginning of October. We've had several weeks of practicing interviewing each other and standardized patients, now we're getting ready to start interviewing real patients. No, this doesn't mean that I'm doing physicals or anything, just taking the patient's history of present illness(HPI), family history (FH), social history (SH), and review of systems (ROS).
  4. In connection with #3, no, I won't disclose information about any of my patients that could allow you or anyone else to figure out that your/their best friend/worst enemy or anyone in between has been to see me, so don't even ask! (Not like you would, my fan base of one.)
  5. I'm still pondering whether or not to try to chronicle my journey through MCG in some form, such as here, or a local newspaper, or what. We'll see.

That's about it for now. Y'all (okay, lovely reader, YOU) be good, hear?

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Thursday, September 18

Precious Talk

This morning Kaylie told me "Ashleigh's my best friend, Mama!"
There's nothing more precious for a mom to hear, right?!
I just hope I'm still hearing that when they're 10 & 12, and on through their teenage years! =]

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Health update

**Edit on last post.
Vernon was feeling well enough he never got checked out, and so far is doing okay. Let's hope he gets through more than 2 days without a relapse this time!
Ashleigh was only 98.9 this morning, so I decided that's too low to warrant a trip to the doctor, so maybe we're on the mend, slowly but surely! PRAISE THE LORD!!!
We celebrated by finally going to Walmart and getting our groceries, etc., we've been getting low and out on. Kaylie will ask for something, or I'll need something for Vernon's lunch, and the standard response has been---"I haven't gotten to the grocery yet. Sorry." Yay for yogurt, mustard, lettuce, etc. back in the house!
Also, the mom of the girl who's been sick for 3 1/2 weeks, told me at church last night that only 3 out of 6 of her children got this bad virus. So as to how it picks and chooses its victims, only the Lord knows. I'm just thankful it's not spreading more.

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Wednesday, September 17


Yes, we're still here..........we're still fighting sickness!
Vernon and Ashleigh caught one of the viruses going around, and today is Day 12 for Vernon. He has had fever pretty much some part of every day, since Friday a week ago. He can wake up without fever, have it back by that night, or start out, and then later feel better. It's so weird! He felt better Monday, Tuesday morning.......but came home with another headache last night. So today he's going back to Student Health to let them check him and see if blood work needs to be done this time.
Ashleigh is on Day 6, technically Day 8 of fevers. She started with fever Tuesday last week, ran fevers for a full 24 hours until Wed. morning. Then went a full 24 hours without, until Thursday afternoon. She hasn't been totally without since. She may have a spell of hours where she's without, but it always comes back. I took her to the doctor's office on Sunday (our pediatrician's office has evening and weekend of the reasons I love that office!) and Dr. Naggar said she expected to find an infected ear, after hearing about her fevers, but she checked out well with her ears, and though her throat was a little red, she was fine. But the fevers puzzled Doc, and she said if she's not better by Tues./Wed. bring her back in to be checked and possibly blood work. So we're going to see how today goes, and we may be back in tomorrow.
The strange part is that Kaylie's not getting it, and neither am I.
One of the ones we've been exposed to has meningitis girl from around here is on Week 4 now.

So you can pray for us! I was looking forward to actually getting to go out today and get groceries, etc., until I took Ashleigh's temp again and realized she now has fever. So home we stay.

Hope your day is going well and that your family stays sickness-free!

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Monday, September 8


Go here to read this interesting's kinda incredible, yet not in a good way!

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