Thursday, July 17

Summer Reunion

I posted a while back about a mini vacation we were going on with some we all are~Thanks for the pictures, Lisa! =]

Ron & Lisa Swartzentruber, us 4, Chad, Doris, Anna, Kyle & Meagan Mast

Kyle, Meagan, Anna, Ashleigh, Kaylie

Chad & Doris, Vernon & I, and Lisa had all gone to Heritage Bible School together in '02, and had not all been together since Chad & Doris's wedding 4-1/2 years ago. This was the first time Ron had been with all of us! Ron's got married two years ago, and Vernon & I hadn't seen them since then!
So it was a bittersweet reunion of friends! Thank the Lord for nice cabin getaways! Praise the LORD for FRIENDS!

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Wednesday, July 9

Answer to Prayer!!!!!

Vernon got a call from the insurance adjustor earlier today and they are giving him the FULL value on his car! We are so excited and praising GOD for HIS providing for our needs!
Now we are asking you to pray we'll know whether we should replace that car or just live off one car...............or what to do.

God Be With You ALL today and Drive Safely!

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Monday, July 7


Vernon and I just finished singing in the second wedding in two weeks' time, and we're done for a while. Well, okay, I'm done. It gets stressful, etc. having to keep finding babysitters for practices, rehearsals, the wedding itself, and more so when you have a young baby.
We enjoyed singing for these two couples, but are glad for the break now!

In the midst of practicing for the one this past weekend, Vernon's wreck occurred, which meant extra phone time and paperwork stuff. Not something I relish. Please pray we'll know which direction to go--whether to get another vehicle or just stay with ONE..................

So yes, we're still among the living.........just working on med school paperwork (namely financial aid!), wreck paperwork, getting ready for a two week vacation, planning a yard sale after our trip................etc.

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Friday, July 4

Now what?

My baby has a fever...........and it's kinda high for a teething fever.........and we're singing in a wedding this weekend, which means practice this afternoon, rehearsal to follow, and a wedding and reception tomorrow.

Please pray the fever goes away or that whatever's causing it comes to pass!
Happy 4th of July!

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Tuesday, July 1

God, Our Protector

Last evening Vernon was involved in a 3 car wreck on his way home from work.
We're praising God that no one was hurt, other than Vernon's nose, from where the airbag hit him. =]
The sad note is, Vernon's first car that he's had for 6 years is now totaled and gone. So we're down to one vehicle.
Here are some pictures of his car, for those interested. The mileage was recorded a week before his wreck.

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