Saturday, January 28

Eternal Revenue Program

We've got a program to give at Woodridge Baptist Church this evening (January 28) at 7:00. Truthseeker and his wife are down for the weekend, so they will be in the audience. Y'all pray for us!

Update: That's what I get for posting after midnight. I've changed the date because I originally posted this early this morning, but I said Sunday evening the 29th. So I've changed this in the post to reflect that it is tonight.

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Tuesday, January 17

A Prayer Request

Please join us in praying for Lez's first cousin, Donny Good and his family.
He is 25, I believe, has been married 3 1/2 years, has a 6 month-old son, and has just been diagnosed with acute leukemia.
There is a lot going on in my uncle's family, with different of their four children, Donny being the youngest. They can all use our prayers.
So if you have a moment more to spend in prayer during the day, please remember The Wilmer Good family from Elida, Ohio, and especially Donny and Nicole Good, as they deal with doctors and treatment.

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Friday, January 13


I've had a few exciting things happen in my life lately. Now, you as a reader may not think of them all as exciting to you, and I'll allow you that personal experience. But I'll also allow you the personal experience of not reading my blog if you wish. This is a land of choice, you know.

:: I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day in the operating room observing three of my favorite doctors do surgery. These guys really know what they're doing! I was totally impressed with the surgeries. There were two hernia repairs, two laparoscopic gastric bypasses, and an appendectomy.

:: My wife and I went to Virginia last weekend to spend some time with her family before I start back to school. We also got some furniture from Nan, her dad's mother, to bring back home. It's some pretty old furniture in tip-top shape too, and it's built better than the regular furniture of today.

:: Most importantly, I am happy to announce that my wife and I are expecting a child around the beginning of May!! Of course, we're very excited and somewhat apprehensive. She's due right smack-dab in the middle of all my finals. And the day after her due date, Chanticleer is supposed to be in Augusta. My brother's graduation is the following weekend, and my brothers and families from out-of-town are to be here over that time. It seems I will have to practice time management!

If you are interested in learning more about the laparoscopic gastric bypass, there's a link here. Don't check it out if you are weak-stomached. Unless you want to prove to yourself that you can handle gross human anatomy. LOL ;)

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Tuesday, January 3

Food Bloggers

Here, Tom. This beats out all the cuisine expertise that you claim to have. Now, I know that your stuff gotta be good, but this beats your recipes hands down, I'm sure.

I want more turkey!!

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