Thursday, March 31

The Craziest Thing

I just saw it. Cat-eye glasses are in. Looks disgusting. 60's style. This girl I just met (walked by) had these funky glasses. Unbelievable.

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Just to make sure you noticed, there are two separate links to AiG in that last post. I wanted to make sure you see both of them (if there is time in your busy schedule.)

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Wednesday, March 30


This is so exciting!! I love it! More evidence of recent dinosaur extinction has surfaced. I should say it this way: more evidence of RECENT DINOSAUR EXISTENCE!!! And while it is not I that needs convinced of the truth, it will definitely help in evangelizing the unbelieving scientists. Thank God, he is Powerful!!

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Revamping my Schedule

I have officially started evening classes at Augusta Technical College as of last night. There are about 20 other people in the class, and I am the only male. Actually let me clarify. There are three consecutive classes, and there is another guy in the first class. But the last two classes, I'm the only guy with (I counted all the way to) 18 females. Plus the female teacher, an R.N. who is retired from the military. She's really nice though. My only problem is that I don't get out of school until 10:50. So it's about midnight when I get home, then get back up around 6:00 to get ready for school again. Classes Monday through Thursday. Pray for me if you think about it, I've a feeling that I'll be pretty wrung out by the time I'm done. And pardon me if I don't post on here very often. I'm busy (can't you tell?!?!)

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Tuesday, March 29

Colors of Day

Today is just flat-out gorgeous.

Fair and 73 degrees F at Augusta, Bush Field, GA

Winds are Variable at 3 MPH. The pressure is 29.86" (1010.9 mb) and the humidity is 35%. The heat index is 77.

It's what I would call a "happy" day. You know, one of those days that make you feel like living, even when things just aren't going so hot. But I'm feeling good. I got my papers done in time yesterday, I have the ER program behind me, and the weather is awesome. I wish I could go bask in the sun for a while. Or go swimming.

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Wednesday, March 23

Watching You (and Me)

I was again reminded today of the fact that other poeple pay attention to my actions, as well as others' actions. I had stopped to get gas at the Sprint Foods/McDonald's in Augusta ($1.97, ridiculous!!). Since my debit card was acting up at the pump, I had to go pay inside. As I walked in, another person was walking out. After the door closed, the one cashier said to the other,"Was that a flirt?!" I of course had not seen what had happened, but some other costumers were commenting on the same thing. "You'd like to hope not!" "You'd like to know!" Just made me wonder what they say about me when I walk out the door.

Reminds me of another instance. Happened the other week when Lez was flying down to go with me to get my scholarship. I was telling my Biology teacher, Dr. Wear, about her coming down. She grinned and said,"Are you planning to shave before she gets here?" Now, for those of you who don't know, don't let this fool you: I shave, I have something to shave, but I don't grow a forest in a week's time. It's more like long muttonchops with a large goatee, and about 1 inch of, shall we say, sparsely populated area between the two. But I digress. I said yeah, I plan to, and she said that she had noticed that I had a little more than a 5 o'clock shadow there. Twas more like a 3-day (for some people; I had gone a week.) It wasn't that she really wanted me to shave my chin. Rather, I think that she probably expected consistency of lifestyle from someone who dresses and acts differently than most other students do. Shame on me if I let her down.

I don't say this in fear of my self-image to others. But as an ambasssador of Christ, I hope that people can see a consistency in me that reflects the love of God. Can I claim Christianity with a separated and non-conformed lifestyle if I don't practice it in all areas?


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Monday, March 21


I'm getting psyched about the program Sunday evening. Well, the whole weekend in general. See, Lez is coming down Thursday evening late, and she's going with me to school Friday. Because the ASU softball team has a game Friday, we don't have softball class. This means that we won't be pushed for time to get to her cousin's wedding in Abbeville, S. C. Friday afternoon. We're also planning to get our engagement pictures taken this weekend. Sometimes, it's still hard to believe it's me... I should say US.

Continuing on with the weekend, I am saddened by the fact that Lez won't be here to hear our first full program. She heard us sing at Hartwell back in November, but this is our first full program, and we weren't an official group back then. I'm still nervous about the program, with our tenors fighting colds and all. I just got done with mine, at least for the most part anyway. Besides, we bass can handle a cold much better than a tenor can. I mean as far as singing with one is concerned. Just being playful guys, you know we love you too!

I'll comment on the weekend past later. I have studying to do, a paper to get done before Wednesday. Gotta run.

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My Dear Reader...

I cannot believe how busy I've gotten. But here I am, back again from another great weekend in Virginia. I'll comment more on that another time, but I just want to assure you that I'm still here. My schedule has become extremely busy with my new study "ethic," if you want to call it that. Thanks for your unspoken (and spoken, some of you) support of my studying. You support me by not razing me, if nothing else. Thanks alot!!

I'm starting night school three times a week next week. I start Tuesday evening, and my schedule will vary. Please pray for me, Lez, my (our) sanity, etc.

Panic monitor on low for now. Slowly but steadily rising with the upcoming program.

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Monday, March 14

Learning experiences

Nothing like making a fool of yourself.

I just got done hashing it out with my calculus prof. Here's the problem.
"Suppose that p(x)=a(n)x(N) + a(n-1)x(N-1) +...a(1)x + a(0) has critical numbers at x=-1, 1, 2, 3, and corresponding values p(-1)=6, p(1)=1, p(2)=3, p(3)=1. Sketch a possible graph for p if: (a) N is odd, (b) N is even. [All parentheses are subscripts and superscripts for a and x, respectively.] So she was trying to explain her answer for the problem, and I was trying to figure out how p'(-1) did not exist. So after going in circles for probably 5 minutes after class, it dawned on me what she was saying. And she realized what I was saying. She was right, my answer was right, and my conclusion to her answer was wrong.

I guess it is good for me to be reminded of my humanity every now and then. It serves to keep me humble.

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Thursday, March 10

Answers, IN GENESIS!!

Let's keep praying for Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham. Here's updates on his currrent tour of Europe.

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Wednesday, March 9

Trying Something New

I'm trying something new that I plan to try for the rest of the semester. I say plan because my weak human flesh will try to get me to do otherwise as much as it can. I'm changing my school day. Seriously. I used to get out of chemistry or Biology class (depending on the day), take my bookbag out to my car, get my laptop and calculus book, and go goof off until calculus class at 1:00. So I'm trying something different. I'm taking a break from that. I hereby determine that I will leave my computer in the car until I have studied my chemistry homework for the day and am prepared for my calculus class. All my homework shall be completed, and visits to the computer room shall be limited to finding class-related material and the occasional blog, along with commenting on other blogs and checking them out. Time will become a precious commodity instead of something to waste. All this because I must take school seriously if I am to excel and gain understanding.

Pray for me.

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Friday, March 4

Pumped Up

I'm really excited!! Lez is coming down tonight!! We were trying to get it worked out for her to fly down this evening so that she could go with me to Macon tomorrow to get my Jane Butcher Scholarship. It originally wasn't working, but now it is actually happening. She is flying down this afternoon into the great airport of Waynesboro!:) We've got a softball game tonight, then we're going to Macon Saturday, then going to South Boston from there. What makes it really cool is that I have Monday and Tuesday off school! So I'm coming back on Tuesday instead of Sunday afternoon.

I think it's SPLENDID!!!

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More On Studying

If you've kept up with me at all this semester, you've perhaps noticed that I tend to comment on my study habits almost every time I take a test. Ok, let's say take a test and do terrible on it. So here I am, once again discoursing about my studying habits. Forgive me for boring you.

First of all, I've learned (I think) that I need to drastically change my studying habits. Maybe I should say that I need to learn how to study. See, in my former years of schooling, I rarely had to study to make an A on a test. (Except in Social Studies. I won't go there.) I could read over the material and be ready to take a test. I never understood why all the other people would study like crazy when they could easily get an A without studying/cramming like they did. It puzzled me. Because of that, I have real trouble studying properly for tests. Chemistry especially. It's a mixture of concepts and ideas that have not and cannot be proven. And I'm supposed to know this stuff?!?! Ok, so it's not all like that. But there are some things that cannot be proven one way or the other and those things are difficult to study for.

My former study habits (or the lack thereof) have been exceedingly detrimental to my current studying. I'm used to reading over the material once and then acing the test, but that is a thing of the past. Now I have to really study this stuff as we progress throughout the material, and keep studying until I take the test.

Or else I'll keep making D's.

Barf. Choke. Gasp.

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