Wednesday, December 26


So how did you celebrate your Christmas--on that special day set aside to remember our Lord's birth--the 25th-- or did you get with family another day?

We have had the most interesting Christmas so far--Kaylie got the stomach bug Thursday afternoon last week, seemed over most of it Friday, we got company in Friday night, I got the stomach bug Sunday night, our company left Monday morning, Vernon didn't feel well with me on Monday, though he hasn't actually had any sickness yet. Yesterday was better, except Kaylie still isn't back to normal yet, and I'm slow as a snail, having to take frequent breaks and rests.

One thing I hope to never experience again--the rotavirus in my 34th week of pregnancy! It is not a fun combination, moms, let me tell you!

Merry Christmas, everyone! =]

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Monday, December 17


Okay, for you moms/wives/single friends who stress out occasionally, and know God's in control, but still think life's order out in your heads to see if you can figure out a logical way for it to happen........
Please pray for us these next weeks. I'm trying not to worry (it's a sin to worry, you know) or let myself get stressed out with all that's happening in January......even though I know I will be having physical, emotional and hormonal changes during my last few weeks.

First week of January, Vernon starts his new job.....
Second week---he starts school again, so a new schedule again.....
Anytime in the next two weeks--this baby is supposed to happen.
The next/last week of January--Vernon's med school interview.
And there you have January on our calendar.

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Monday, December 10


Vernon received an email today from Medical College of Georgia, asking for an interview! We are excited, as this is obviously a huge step toward his goal of getting into med school!

So please pray for us in the next month--these interviews are scheduled on a day very close to my due date--so over Baby Time.....We're trying to reschedule, if possible.....the interviews, that is.

*Update--I'm to talk to my doctor this Wednesday when I have my prenatal, to find out the possibilities of inducing if I don't go by a certain time around the interview date. So we're keeping the original interview day--since it's an all day thing--going around campus with med students, two interviews.............Please pray for us with all this going on!

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First sentence

Kaylie's first sentence--"It works."
Today her second sentence--"B-B(belly button)--it hurts."

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Saturday, December 8


Vernon's classes are done, finals coming next week.......
My Pampered Chef book party is done, and whew! I didn't realize all the work that would be involved there! I'm glad it's over, and know it was for a very worthy cause--helping out a friend who desperately needed the sales!

Time to finish cleaning up my house---I'm babysitting my friend's baby tonight while she goes to pick up her husband from the airport--he's been gone a week--to Germany!

We're going to a Living/Singing Christmas Tree tomorrow night--any of you ever been to one?
What are you attending this year for Christmas spiriting? =]

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Wednesday, December 5


How many of you are 'soup people'?
What are your favorite kinds of soup, or soups you fix in the wintertime?

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Tuesday, December 4

Bible Study

How many of you are part of a Bible study group? Women's, men's, Home Builders, etc?
How often do you meet?
What happens in your meeting? Prayer and study? Going through a book? Just picking Bible passages?
How long does your meeting last?

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Saturday, December 1

I forgot to add to my previous list that I was babysitting tonight too. The little boy got sick toward the end of their time here--I'm praying it was a freak thing and not a contagious virus that could be spread around here. Kaylie and Vernon have had flu shots, but I haven't.....Pray with me that we won't catch the colds and whatever other sickness came in here tonight!

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