Monday, March 31

Med school

April 1st is the latest date MCG has to let applicants know if they're accepted to that school or not.
We're waiting.................

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Thursday, March 27

Potty training

Okay, so I'm ready to start potty training Kaylie, finally. Ashleigh's days are going better, so I think I can try to concentrate more on Kaylie now. Maybe.

I've done this before too, with my daycare children. But it's been a while, and I think this could be different. It will be different, I know that.

So any tips from you moms out there that have done this already?

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Tuesday, March 25

Meal songs

Kaylie's favorite meal song is For Balmy Sunshine. So nearly every meal, she says, "Praaaaaayyyyyy Sunshine!" We don't always. I've been trying to teach her some new ones. And I also think she needs to just hear us pray out loud and learn she isn't to help talk or sing on every prayer. Like she did when we were at our host's house on Sunday for dinner. !

Do you sing songs at mealtimes at your house?

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Monday, March 24


Today's mail brought some books I bought online for my children.
Anyone remember Carmella the cow, Luciano the Duck or Sally Goose?
I had the old Carmella book, but it has been taped and re-taped, so I started searching for another vintage one a while back, and couldn't locate one. I looked again this past week, and sho' nuf! I found one! It was paired with these other two by the same publishers--Paraclete Press.
So tonight after supper I was reading Carmella to Kaylie, and thought Carmella's song at the end of the book was quite appropriate for a life verse. I looked at the others' songs and thought they were good as well. So I will share them with you.

Carmella's Song~
You can be happy right where you are.
You don't have to search or go very far
To find the contentment God has for you,
If you'll just accept what He's planned for you.

You can be happy just being you.
You don't have to do what others may do
To find the contentment God has for you,
If you'll just accept what He's planned for you!

Luciano's Song~
Whatever you may be about to do, do it with all your might!
Make the most of each precious moment every day and night.
Put your heart into all you do, give as much as you're able to.
Show the Lord that you're grateful for the life He's given you!

Sally's Song~
God gives us many blessings to show His love and care;
He gives us friends and family, their life with us to share.
And we must always know that they're a gift to us from Him,
And treat them lovingly--then give them back to Him.

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Friday, March 21

Babywise again

Okay, so I got two comments so far on this many of you are reading my posts and not commenting?!
Since Elaine and Jessica both want more from me on this, I'll say a few words. =]
I'm still reading the book through at this point. Elaine, I agree that this book is like others--you can use some of it, and the rest might not work for your baby, as YOU said, Jessica. I didn't have my first baby on a schedule. I probably did what that book would call a demand-feed schedule, and it worked great for us! Even though I was determined to have my baby scheduled according to this book, like my cousin and some others did. I saw how their babies were sleeping through the night at 6 weeks or so, and I was impressed! Well, when motherhood hit me, I found my greatest wishes sitting on the back burner until I found what worked for my baby. Kaylie didn't sleep through the night consistently for longer than week at a time until she was almost a year old. Ashleigh already gives me 5/6 hours straight most nights now.

However, this time around I am trying the feed-time, wake-time, nap-time a little harder, and so far, it works most of the time. Whether it's from trying to work this a little harder or not, I'm not sure. I am not a strict scheduling, non-flexible no matter the circumstances kind of mom.

When I had my daycare, we had somewhat of a schedule throughout the day--breakfast, playtime, maybe snacktime, playtime, lunchtime, play while I cleaned up lunch, clean up time, pottytime, naptime, snacktime, clean up time, get ready to go home. And though I had a general time frame for lunch and naptime, and no mid-morning snack after a certain time, I was flexible to work with whatever our day brought us. For instance--when we had some in weekday school, we couldn't all eat until they were back. When they were all there, we would often eat a little earlier in the day.
So now with my own, I tend to run a little bit the same way--have a schedule of sorts, but do what works for YOU, and not expect what works for others to have to work for you, and if it doesn't, you've failed. That mentality only brings discouragement, not contentment in the calling God has given you. God doesn't expect you to follow others' advice or patterns to the letter, except for ONE-HIS WORD. And since HE doesn't give explicit instructions as to some of the more mundane tasks of babyhood/childhood, we must use the common sense He provided and decide for ourselves what will work for our families.
The one thing I do stress is trying to get all the children to nap at the same time, no matter their age.
In my house, if you are not in school yet, you have to have lying down time. Whether you sleep or not. Depending on your age, you have to take a nap. I used to tell some of my daycare children, you have to close your eyes, even if you don't sleep. Well, Duh. Guess what the result was?!

So all that said--my thoughts on the "Wise" series--I would like to read them all, (esp. the Pottywise one) but know that if I try the methods mentioned and it doesn't work for that particular child, I'm not a inadequate mom.
As far as the feeding part--I do agree with parent-directed feeding. Meaning, I don't want my baby to just snack and get to eat just because she/he is fussing and that may calm her/him down. But I also am not going to listen to crying for another 1/2 hour to 1 hour just to keep them on a schedule if I know hunger is the issue at hand. I felt like that book gave liberty to that issue. But then later to get back on the schedule you had.

For Ashleigh, I'm having to interpret cries all over again, and some are different than Kaylie's typical cries. Ashleigh has a lot more gastro-intestinal problems than Kaylie did, and so I know that feeding when she's not really hungry isn't going to solve that problem. Not in the end. It may solve the initial crying, but end up with the same, if not worse, result. So I have had to experiment with her all over again, to an extent.

So! Now I've said a few things on how I view that particular book. I haven't read any of the others, but aim to sometime. One of my friends and I are talking about buying the series between us to share back and forth.

Jessica, I understand and totally agree with what you said about the "Babywise" people in your life. Becoming a mom really makes you learn how to keep your thoughts on other people's children to yourself, until they ask for your opinion, doesn't it? =] I learned that back in daycare. I'm still learning how to respond to those kind of well-meaning people.

So, any more comments, anyone????? I want to hear more from you!

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Wednesday, March 19


How many of you moms have read the Babywise book?

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Monday, March 17


Yesterday afternoon, Vernon was one of 146 singers, along with 45 orchestra players to perform Johannes Brahms' A German Requiem.
It was an excellent concert! I got chill bumps on the first song! For those of you who don't know this 'piece', it has seven movements. My mom said she cried on the last number. The entire hour and a half was very moving!

How many of you have heard of this work, or have heard it performed?

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