Saturday, January 26

Here She Is To Make Our Day!!

She's Here!!
Ashleigh Kate Horst
Born Wed., Jan. 23, 2008 at 8:39 PM
8 lb. 3 oz.
19 inches long.
Here are some pictures (and videos, for those that do) that I took with my spiffy camera phone.

Check out all that hair! Big hands, tiny little baby. Big Sis is loving her new sister, she just doesn't like to be left out of her daddy's arms! Proud and happy Pop! My mother came to see us in the hospital, and got to hold the baby. Ditto for Lezlie's mother, who is actually down for a couple weeks to help out over this time. Thanks Mom for coming, and Dad for letting her come down! Supervised hugs from big sister. We have to make sure she doesn't smother her!

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Thursday, January 17

Da Dum.........Da Dum........

Vernon started his new work this week. So far he's just had training. The cool part is, he won't be going back until this baby's born. Which is next week! Or before......
My doctor told me today I'm progressing.................

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Thursday, January 10

Vernon's New Job

Vernon starts his new job on Monday the 14th. They're being really good about working with his schedule for training and orientation, which is a blessing. There are still a lot of details to be ironed out yet, but that will come after his training.
So for now, we're thanking God for this new job, praying it will help meet our financial needs a little better, and thankful for you friends out there who've been praying along with us about it! =]

God Bless You today!

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Wednesday, January 9

I feel Loved......

My biggest blessing today is friends! I just read another comment on my last post letting me know I'm being thought about, prayed for, etc.
Also, one of my friends just stopped by and brought me food to use later on whenever. She had questioned me yesterday about what I was going to do about food when my mom is here over Baby time, and I wasn't completely sure yet. Meaning, I didn't want Mom to have to fix every night, but didn't think I needed a full schedule of meals brought in. So then today, this friend stopped in with a ham, and three 4 packs of canned turkey! She has given me the turkey before and it was such a NICE gift! And I was really wanting a ham, but hadn't bought one! Ah, the niceness of God's gifts to women in need--FRIENDS!

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Monday, January 7

January Life

Vernon started school today.
Vernon still hasn't started his new job. He is to start next Monday--the 14th, we think.

"And the days were accomplished....." This is what one lady said to me yesterday when I entered the Sunday school room at church. So very true! 36 weeks and counting! 16 more days or less, and this little one will be here--am I ready?! Yes and no.

I've made a list of baby preparation items, and am gradually getting closer to the end. Today it's packing my suitcase and pulling out my post-pregnancy dresses and checking front zippers, etc., to make sure they're ready to wear, and judging which ones I can get back into pretty quickly......this should be interesting.

This is basically how my life is right now--go day by day, accomplishing daily tasks with no long term goal right now, as such. Stay caught up on dishes and laundry and other household stuff, and try not to get behind so as to rush around if I start labor on my own. My mom is coming the weekend of the 18th-20th, so I'm not packing a suitcase for Kaylie, praying I won't need it before then.

What's your life busy with these days?

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Friday, January 4

Happy New Year!

So how has your new year started?
Vernon has had off this week, waiting for his new job to get started.....
So he's been helping me! =] I'm not used to having him here for several days straight, without planning to go on a trip or something. It's been grand!
We've worked on bringing down baby things, emptying shelves, drawers, taxes, dishes, laundry, cleaning, child training.......we've enjoyed just having family time together this week.

What have you been doing?

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