Wednesday, June 7

We're back....6 weeks later

How many of you would check our blog to read an update and not see one, and think...."Yep, they're new parents..."?

You would laugh if you knew how many times I was fixing to put an update on here, but wanted to wait until I could post pictures and didn't know how. Therefore I had to wait till Vern was home, and either I forgot to get his help while he was on the computer, or other activities hindered it all together.

So since our daughter is 6 weeks old today, I decided I am GOING TO get an update on here and later, when Vern is on here, we'll post some pictures.

Life is good--was better until Monday afternoon....I realized after some fogginess with my right eye that something more than a dried-out contact was going on. It kept getting worse throughout the evening, progressing to my wiping my eye with a warm wet cloth every few minutes to get the junk out of it. Called the eye doc yesterday morning and got in to be checked. Just as I'd suspected--I have an eye infection. From what-we're not sure. Kaylie's tear ducts have started working in the last two weeks and she's started having some 'gooey' eyes, but the doc doesn't think it could come from her I have eye drops to put in......and now, it's spread to the left eye overnight....................oh joy. Listen to the instructions for these drops. Not really conducive to a new mother trying to tend to her baby, go a doctor appt. today and just keep up with housework.
--1 drop every 15 mins. for the first hour; then every 2 hours for 24 hours; then 4 times a day for a week. Sounds like fun, right? I'm just hoping I can clear this up in the next two weeks for sure before we head to VA and I stay for the next week.
So if you think about it, you can pray for me! Along with this eye infection, I have also developed the beginning stages of a sinus infection, which I'm easily prone to, and usually it takes a steroid to get me over the hump once my Claritin isn't taking effect anymore. I was able to get by with a different antibiotic when I was pregnant, since steroids aren't options then, and so I'm hoping I can get by without this time around as well.
I'm going to talk to my doctor today when I have my 6 week checkup and see if she'll write me a prescription right away, so I can work on conquering this thing before it conquers me!
You can pray I'll somehow be able to get the extra rest needed to top these infections....

Vern is staying busy at work--the other week he worked 6 straight days--12 1/2 hours shifts, some days maybe a little over, depending on how easy it was for him to get off on time. He was completely worn out till those days were finished. He is thankful that this week, after 4 straight days, he is working only every other day and gets to sleep in some mornings this week.
Guess this busy hospital life is preparing him for the doctor's world, right, John Waldron?

Thanks for reading--more updating later.

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