Monday, May 30

Musical Expressions, Part III

I had a blast listening to the ZVC last evening!! It was in a (not a racist comment here) black Baptist church, and it was fairly full. The church wasn't too small, probably could have fit 170 people in there. I estimate there were at least 120. In any case, it was truly enjoyable. It was 11 guys from Zambia. No voice training, and they were GOOD!! Not something that I would listen to constantly, but I definitely recommend them, if they ever get close to your area. There are three groups, and this group just came from Africa in April. Their story is really heart-rending. Go to the website to get the full story.

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Sunday, May 29

Musical Expressions, Part II

Thanks to my good buddy Darin over at yoderpianist. I've gotten a King's Heralds LP from musicstack dot com, the album "It's Spiritual." ER listened to it last Sunday when we were together.

I really like "Humble Yourself."

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Musical Expressions

Lez and I are leaving in about 30 minutes to go hear the Zambian Vocal Collection. My younger brother heard them a few weeks ago and really liked them. I'm looking forward to it. I'm told that they use vocal percussion. I'll follow up later.

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Saturday, May 28

A New Job (and Possibly Another One)

I started a new job this past week. I am helping put up steel buildings at an area farm. There is a Mennonite crew from Montezuma, GA, working on it, and Lamar, the main guy, asked me if I could help. I had told my good buddy Travis, who had been working with them the week previous, that if they needed more help, he could tell them that I was interested in helping. So last Saturday I was out side-dressing corn when Lamar called me and asked me if I could help. So I've revamped my schedule. Again.

Get up at 5:45. Shower and get dressed, and leave for work by 6:15.
Get to work around 6:40.
Leave work around 4:30.
Go home and get ready for evening classes.
Leave by 5:30.
Class starts at 6:00.
Class ends at 10:50.
Get home by 11:20. Eat supper.
Go to bed around/after midnight.
Etc. etc.

I love working for/with these guys. It's hardly work. I mean, you work your tail off, but they keep it fun enough that it doesn't seem like work.

And then there is my other job at University Hospital. It's a long story, but in a nutshell, I have an interview Wednesday June 1 at 10:00. So you can be praying for me.

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Sunday, May 22

Pictures of Puerto Rico

Ok, so I've finally gotten around to putting a few pictures on my post. Here you go. Oh, by the way Darin, these were with my camera. APS film and all.

Image Hosted by

These pictures were taken out of my Puerto Rico Scrapbook. They were all from our senior trip in February of 2001. Hence the interesting edging etc.

Image Hosted by

This was taken at the Anasco Beach, right before we left.

Image Hosted by

This is looking down into the waves at the Barceloneta beach Sunday afternoon.

Image Hosted by

All the guys on the trip decided to get on the cannonball pyramid at Old San Juan. From left, front row: Willis H., Conrad R., and Brent H. Second row is me and Tony G. On top is Kenneth B., Paul's brother-in-law, Titus' brother, and currently in Guatemala in service.

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It was at the beginning of the sermon this morning when I noticed it. I had a big white string on my shirt. It caused me to struggle with my thought life for the next 5 minutes. So there you go Tom. The influence of Utopia.

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Monday, May 16

Celebratory Activities

This is what I ate in celebration of my passing all my classes with good grades.

Image Hosted by

It was really good!!

Now I'm here at school, applying for a scholarship. I've got less than 5 weeks until my wedding, and I cannot believe how much stuff has to be done yet. Time is flying!!!

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Friday, May 13

Shifting Schedules (Again)

Now that my day school is done for the summer, I only have my night classes. This means that I will probably find a daytime job for the next five weeks. I know that it will keep me busy, but in a way I'm used to it. I really do hope for a job, especially since it will be five weeks of doing absolutely nothing as an alternative.

On a similar note, we are started with the actual CNA fundamentals course for my night classes. The other stuff was just preliminary courses. It's starting to get interesting.

I stopped by University Hospital yesterday to fill out an application to work there. I can't start work until after the wedding (ok, after the wedding trip), but it was okay with them to apply awhile. There was a job that just opened in the surgical ward. I hope I can get that.

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Not to brag or anything, but I know that some of you have been praying for me during the semester and I want to let you know the results of your prayers. I have an A in Biology, Calculus, English, and Softball. I have a B in Chemistry. After figuring all the hours and stuff, I have a semester GPA of 3.75 and lifetime GPA of 3.76. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am feeling rather exuberant right now, not because I did so great, but because my teachers were generous. I know that at least one of those grades were curved to an A, and I suppose that there were more. But I'll take what they give me.

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Thursday, May 12

School Again

I know, I know, I already wrote about this, and you're probably tired of hearing about it. But I am here at ASU again today, and I met the secretary of the Biology suite on the stairs a little bit ago. She told me that grades weren't available online yet, but if I went into her office, they could pull them up for me. So I did, and they told me that I have an A in everything except Chemistry, which wasn't in yet. I know I got a B in that, but I'm really happy.

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"This Is How It Feels To Be Free, Yeah"

I meant to post this yesterday afternoon and didn't get around to it. So here it is.

I stopped by me calculus prof's office yesterday noon to see if she was in there. She was on the phone, so I waited until she was off, then went in. She immediately started chuckling, said she got my email but hadn't gotten to answering it yet. She asked my what happened on my final. I could only bow my head and say quietly,"I don't know. I just blanked." She laughed, and said since I had such good grades during the semester, she gave me an A in the class!! I could hardly believe it!! I thanked her profusely, and she just laughed and said."It's ok, this time. Not next time though!" I thanked her again, and wished her a great summer. She told me to have a good summer too, and I walked (or was that floated, I forget?!) out of the room. As I got in my car to go home, the radio was tuned to 88.3 WAFJ. I turned it on just in time to hear PCD sing the phrase "this is how it feels to be free, yeah!" I was like,"Amen to that!!"
"Amazing Grace" would have been very applicable, as well.

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Wednesday, May 11

All In, All Done

I'm finally done with my freshman year at ASU!!! I know the results of two of my classes. I have an A in softball, a 1 hour class. I have a B in Chemistry. (This Chemistry, by the way, is the hardest chem class that I'll have. All the teachers say that.) I'm pretty sure I'll have an A in Biology. I have either a high B or low A in English, I'll know by Friday. I took the Calculus final on Monday and totally blanked. I've never done that before, and hope I never will again. I don't know what I'll get from that.

Oh yeah, that English paper? She surprised me with an A!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it! She said it was one of the better papers she had read. Thank You God!! And Thank You, kind reader, for praying. I know Naomi was, a lot. Thanks, sis.

Now I'm waiting for Friday.

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Saturday, May 7


Here's what PY and I were doing for part of the day today. This is 30 rounds with a .22 Ruger handgun. I had never shot a pistol before. I shot 10 rounds at around 15 feet, with all hitting in the black. 10 more at 25 feet one-handed, and the shot lower left was the only one in the white. (The ones at the black/white border come from these 2 also.) Then we moved it to 50 feet, and 5 were out and 5 in the black. The inscription to the right reads,"Vernon Horst 5-7-05 .22 Ruger 25 & 50 feet Suitable for being in Yates family -PY"

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Tuesday, May 3

Let's See the Proof

In case there was any doubt that medicine can be wrong, we have today a story on MSN about the firefighter who was comatose for 10 years and is now talking to his wife.

So Terri could have gotten better.

As we were saying. Go figure.

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