Thursday, November 29


Thanksgiving's over......
Christmas is coming......
Christmas cards are being sent out.....
Vernon's classes are almost over......
I had my 7 month prenatal visit this morning.......
I'm washing up baby stuff........
Bought some training pants to see if this new interest in the little potty will result in actual potty training next week............
I'm teaching the Ladies' Sunday School class this Sunday...........
I'm trying to tie up a Pampered Chef book party I'm doing for a friend............anyone want to place an order?

What's happening in your week?

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Friday, November 23

10 Thanksgiving Blessings

What are you especially thankful for this year?

10 things I'm thankful for this year.......
  • my wonderful husband, who is a loving husband and a doting father
  • my daughter, who reminds me every day of the wonderful privilege God has given us in parenting, even though it seems scary sometimes because of all the responsibilities that go along with it!
  • this new life within me, making himself/herself more known all the time
  • our wonderful landlords, who make it possible for us to have a nice, warm/cool place to live at a wonderful price, and are so good about repairs
  • our parents, for raising us to love the Lord
  • family, scattered abroad, sharing God's love in their corner of the world
  • friends, like you readers, who inspire and challenge me with your own posts and comments, and even those of you that I know read this, but choose not to make yourself known
  • two cars that run
  • Vernon's hospital job that has been graciously flexible with his school schedule the last 2 1/2 years, and gives him 'another family'.
  • the prospect of another job!

I could keep going on, but will stop with those for now--

1Ch 16:34 "O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever."

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What did you do yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving?

~went shopping in the morning and came home with 8 shirts--3 for Vernon, 3 for his brother, and 2 for my dad
~had dinner with some of Vernon's family at his folks' house
~went to a football game, which Vernon played in, until we got rained out
~had an enjoyable evening at home, playing games and relaxing together as a family, just the 3 of us

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Monday, November 19

New Job

Vernon is looking at a job change the beginning of next year.  Please pray that God's will will be done in this matter.  It looks like a wonderful change--less hours, more pay, no nights and weekends, works with his school schedule, they'll keep him until August (if he'd start med school) or longer, if he doesn't get into med school.  He would have more time on the road, but given the better pay, it would be worth it, we think.

So please pray that we will sense the Lord's leading in all the decisions to be made in the next few weeks.  

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Thursday, November 15

I Need Energy!

How many of you ever feel like you are weighted down with, oh say, 25+lbs on your shoulders, or somewhere, and once you're out of bed in the morning, you're too tired and heavy laden to feel able to get much done?
That's how I feel this morning, except I can't lay around and nurse that feeling today.  I remembered last night that the ministry is coming for counsel meeting this evening--which I've been knowing all week!--and so my house cleaning that has been put off a little more each day, HAS to happen today--all in one shot.  Therefore, no tiredness can be had for a while.
So why am I on here, you ask?  Because I had to email something to my hubby at school! =]
And to ask you to pray for my strength and energy to come back!  I am feeling further along in my pregnancy than I am, by lack of energy, that's for sure!

To all a good day!

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Wednesday, November 14

Life's Many Happenings

Well, since I posted last, my cousin and SIL have had their babies, we've been to the "Weekend to Remember" marriage seminar, and our BIL has been ordained to the ministry. Alot's happened in just a week and a half!

Our weekend went well--we really enjoyed the time together, without parental callings, as such, and are very thankful to our babysitters for their service to us! We had good speakers, nice dining experiences, got in good walking time, which I needed!, and just enjoyed having time to talk as we did our applications at various times, without the tug of our little girl. We stayed at home at nights, saving the hotel expense, and instead decided we'd eat our meals out. We did eat breakfast at home Sunday, and took a picnic lunch, since the hotel where this conference was being held, was right on the riverwalk. For those of you wondering, the Augusta Riverwalk is where the Augusta Golf Hall of Fame is.......or thereabouts. My brother proposed to my SIL on that walk........we took some engagement pictures's a beautiful place!

How's your life been?

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Friday, November 2

Weekend to Remember

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!
Next weekend--November 9-11--Vernon and I get to take in the "Weekend to Remember" marriage conference here in Augusta, put on by Family Life--Dennis and Barbara Rainey. I'm not sure which speakers will actually be at our conference, since I'm told there are many, but I'm excited! We've never been to one, and lest you wonder, no, we're not going because we have marriage problems or because we fell into a vat of money. We're going because it's a weekend of refreshing what we have in our marriage, and because it's a weekend we can plan ahead that we know we can't change last minute, just because, without losing money! So essentially, a planned date weekend. We're leaving Kaylie behind with friends for the entire time--Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon--which will prove to be interesting, I think. I've never left Kaylie overnight before, but since babytime is drawing closer, she'll have to get used to someone else for during that time anyway, because I'm in the hospital 2 nights over delivery, and she'll have to be with someone then.
Anyway, if any of you are interested in knowing more about this conference and if they're in your area, go to

I can't wait for a weekend alone with my hubby! Those of you with husbands in school or a seriously committed schedule, know how precious and valuable time with your hubby can be, even when children are around. Put it this way--I'm learning to just enjoy his being around, without trying to put too much planning into that time frame. I'm realizing more and more how some things are just little petty things that bother me, and when looking at the scope of things--when I could spend the few minutes I have with him, discussing something much more profitable, and meaningful to both of us, why even bring up the little things? Know what I mean? I'd rather just enjoy our time together.
Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times he'll have to remind me it's past midnight when he gets home, and that is not the time to start telling him about my day's events at that hour. =] I've learned I can call him about 10 oclock PM, when his workload is not much at that hour, and we can talk then for a little bit, if possible.

Yesterday he was around in the evening and helped me here in the house, (and kept Kaylie occupied outside so I could finish supper preparations!)which was the biggest blessing he could give me right now!
How many of you other pregnant moms have to work on motivation to keep you on the housework and cooking?!

On another note--how many of you are going to the Hartwell Meetings?

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This morning as I was fixing Vernon's breakfast for him to eat on the way to school, and getting his lunch and supper in his boxes for his other meals away from home today, I got curious about how you other wives do for your husbands in the here's another poll. Men, you can answer too, if you wish.

Does your husband fix his own breakfast and lunch in the mornings, or do you do it for him?
What kind of breakfasts does your family eat in the mornings?
Do you all eat together, or as you each have time, i.e. husband before going to work, children after they're up, etc.?
Does your husband come home for lunch?

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