Tuesday, December 27

Grade Stress

I'm not really stressing about my grades anymore. I had been, before I got them back. But I'm feeling much better about my current status. However, I have a disagreement with a comment made over at the by-log.

But, I since coming to Penn State I have become more tolerant of less than
stellar academic performances on my part. Not because I'm lowering my standards,
but more because I'm allowing my standards to be conformed to reality.

For instance, back in the undergrad days, I freaked out after tests that didn't feel
good (see here or here
for some classic by-log post-test anxiety). Now, I don't freak out so much. It's
still disappointing, but hey, what happens happens.

Now, I understand what he's saying here, but he's looking at this from a different perspective than I am. He's already in the graduate program, and therefore has only to worry about keeping the grades within the bounds of the graduate program. Just like, if I were only wanting a bachelor's degree, I would only need to maintain a 2.00 GPA. But, since I want to go farther than a bachelor's, I must keep my grades as high as I possibly can. However, I appreciate and agree with the last thing he says.

The important thing is to work hard and do your best. If it's good enough
to meet your goals, great. But if it's not, take it as direction from God.

Well said.

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I've got my grades back. I've actually had them back for a couple weeks, but I've been too occupied to let you in on them. So here they are, for your laughing entertainment.

Organic Chemistry --------------------------- 4 hours -- B
Introductory Physics ------------------------- 4 hours -- A
World Humanities ---------------------------- 4 hours -- A
Voice for non-Majors ------------------------- 2 hours -- A
Total GPA for fall 2005 --------------------- 14 hours -- 3.71
Current GPA for lifetime collegiate studies -- 44 hours-- 3.75

Next semester, I'm taking Organic Chemistry II, Zoology, Botany, Physiology and Pharmacology, and Canoeing. I'm really looking forward to my P & P class. It will feel more like I'm a pre-med student instead of a biology major.

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Wednesday, December 14


My mother-in-law is spending the week with us down here in GA. She spent the first part of the week down at my brother-in-law's place, but now she's finishing out the week here with my wife (and me, when I'm home.) She's going to go back home with us when we go to Pennsylvania this weekend.
I'm just about done with this semester. I've only got one more test, and that is my Physics final that is tomorrow morning. At 7:00. Yup, that's right, I'll be taking my final exam in Physics at seven bells. I hope I can pull an A on this test.
I took my Organic Chemistry test this morning. It was pretty hard, especially for a standardized test. This is a brand-new test that my professor, who is on the American Chemical Society board, helped to make up. Fortunately, he is going to give us a serious curve. I'm waiting to see how I did on that one.
I'm looking forward to this weekend. My wife and I are going to Pennsylvania. I was invited to sing with 59 other men in a men's chorus. I'm really excited about that.
Speaking of singing, I've finalized plans for Eternal Revenue to sing at Woodridge Baptist Church in North Augusta, S.C. I learned to know the pastor a few months ago, and we're supposed to sing there Saturday, January 28 at 7:00 p.m. Any of you readers that live around here, mark your calendars!

Update: This weekend will be in Myerstown, PA at the Myerstown Mennonite School on Saturday evening at 7:00. Just in case you live close by and decide to come here us.

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