Monday, November 16

Now that I'm back on here......

I can see myself wanting to post more often! =]
Maybe this will be my outlet, my journaling, since it doesn't happen on paper anymore.

My agenda for the day includes, but not limited to:
~dishes (How can 3 drainer loads full come from JUST Sunday and this morning? I washed up late Sat. night!)
~straightening up our bedroom
~cleaning the bathroom
~cleaning up the girls' room
~cleaning up the office
~de-cluttering the DR table, and the bay window

This week's agenda, for whatever day it falls on:
~laundry two or three days
~fixing some dresses so I can wear them
~sewing Kaylie's church purse's strap back on, whenever I find the purse itself.
~cleaning out the van (again)
~working on the new money program we loaded on this computer, so I can update our info before tax time! I have 11 mons. worth of categorizing to do.......anyone want to babysit for me?
~get the girls' picture taken, and maybe a family picture, too, to get sent out by Thanksgiving time, hopefully.
~work on a letter to send out with that picture....
~think about banking options. To open/or not to open savings accounts for the girls?

That's enough to think on right now.

What's on YOUR Monday agenda and projects for this week?

Go with God.........


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