Monday, May 28


These first two shots were taken in our yard with a digital camera for Kaylie's one year pictures.

This last one was taken on her actual birthday--April 26.

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Vernon takes his Medical College Admission Test this Thursday at 12 o'clock. This is a big deal, and for you select few who have husbands past this point in their medically related lives, you understand the preparation and busyness that goes along with this test.

So if you have extra time and the Lord lays us on your heart, please pray for Vernon this week.

GOD BLESS your week!

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Friday, May 18

Life Lines

How many of you get the LIFE LINES? We actually get them twice....mailed to us, and in our mailbox at church. Guess we always have one to share with someone else! =]

The May/June issue we just got today had a REALLY good article by Mary June Glick titled MEN AND WOMEN ARE "WIRED" DIFFERENTLY.
If I had the space without it becoming an epistle of a post, I'd put the whole thing in here for you to read at your convenience.
If you're interested in reading it before I decide whether to put any of it on here or not, let me know and I'll email it to you.

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Wednesday, May 16


Vernon took these pictures of Kaylie the other night, of her doing the head push across the floor that she and Daddy do toward the stairs; coming up off the floor; going for something to read; and reading the Waynesboro Mennonite School '06/'07 Yearbook.

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Monday, May 7


Mondays can often be stressful days for moms, with grouchy children, laundry, dishes, catch up work from the weekend, etc.

Today, I had a grumpy child, laundry, and dishes that still aren't done.

BUT I GOT TO STAY IN BED UNTIL 9:30 THIS MORNING. That's a rarity! It goes without saying that I'm enjoying Kaylie's learned habit of sleeping through the night! She's good for 10-12 hours at night now, and I'm so loving it!
Vernon didn't have work, or any pressing studying to do until after lunch, so we enjoyed a leisurely morning around here.

I'm sure you other mothers with more than one child are wishing YOU could've had the same privilege this morning, right? =] Believe me, once Vernon gets back into school every day (which he has to do this summer for 5 weeks), plus work days, it'll be early mornings again.

Blessings on you mothers this week!

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Friday, May 4

Loss of a Loved One

My mother heart was struck with a tragedy this past week. One of the first children I ever kept, that was born the year we moved to VA, died this past Sunday. Ryan Andrew Asbell was 17, would've been 18 in October. I kept Ryan and his now 13 year old brother Alex for 6 years. I never thought I'd outlive any of my babysitting/daycare children, but God had other plans.

Ryan had a bad headache, along with other symptoms, that eventually lead to an MRI showing he had a bleed in his brain. He was in a coma for a week before he died.
Alex's 14th birthday is May 11, and Mother's Day follows two days behind. Please remember Ken, Anita and Alex Asbell in your prayers.
Of course, we know not to question God's reasoning for taking a life so young, and yet, we have questions.

I learned at Ryan's funeral, that another family there in South Boston, that used to live across from me, had a tragedy strike their family around the same time.
This lady, Cathy was married with two young children when she lived in our neighborhood. She and her husband both have divorced and remarried now, and moved on with their lives. She and her new husband had two children together. Then this past week, her 2nd husband was killed when he hit the back end of a log truck that pulled out in front of him.
So much heartache, for a 30 some year old lady, now alone with four children, and without either of their fathers. Once again, we have questions, though obviously a little different for her situation than for Ryan's.

So as you think of them, please pray for Cathy Jones and her children, and for the Asbell family.

So please pray for the Asbell and Jones families as you think of them.

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