Friday, September 29

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's time for a written update here, I believe. I've been surfing xanga sites lately, finding more friends and family who have sites that I wasn't aware of. Hence my lack of posting for ourselves! It's been more fun to read others' posts!

Vern's schooling is going well--he's had tests to study for when he's home in the evenings. One didn't go so well.....BIG oops. I think today is his last one for at least several more weeks anyway. He is also assisting one of his former professors, in a lab he took last year, answering questions, etc. So he's actually employed at the university where's he's also a student. Kinda funny.....needless to say, we're lovin' a little extra income! PTL!

I (Lez)attended the Ladies' Seminar in Hartwell a couple weekends ago, and enjoyed it very much! I had Kaylie along, of course, and felt like I was in and out of the sessions a lot, so was thankful for written literature to take home and read what I missed when I was out. The social part of the two days were definitely worth going for. It's so refreshing to be around Christian women, singles, wives, young mothers alike! The added plus and major pull of the weekend was getting to stay with my friend Doris Mast, her 4 week old son Kyle, and her MIL Ruth Mast.

This weekend, my parents, paternal grandmother and one of my first cousins, Rachel, who is living with my folks, are coming down for a short visit. Short as in getting here early Saturday afternoon and leaving Monday sometime. Ah, how well I remember when Vern and I would do quick weekends visiting each other when we were dating. We were young then, and childless. It seems to take so much more out of me now, if we have to do such fast traveling. =] Hm....

Til next time, Enjoy your weekend worshipping your LORD!

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Our 5-month-old Sweetie

Notice the pacifier held between cheeks.

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Sunday, September 10

Back to School

Well, friends, it's back to school for another semester. I've got some interesting (read: fun, medically applicable) classes, and that makes school so much more enjoyable, or at least bearable. However, I happen to be one of those people who enjoy studying, so school hasn't been but so much of a bear for me. However, I do look forward to finishing this era of my life and moving onward to another level.

As far as classes are concerned, I'm taking several classes that make me feel more like a pre-med person instead of just a biology major. Yes, I like biology, but when there are other goals, I sometimes wonder how much Botany will help me in medicine. But I know it has its uses. I'm just trying to say that I am glad for my current class schedule. I'm taking Cell Biology, Histology, Biochemistry (for Pre-Med, same as regular Biochem except that I don't have the lab), and Introduction to American Government. I actually like my IAG class, my professor doesn't seem to be a far-left liberal, which comes as a great relief. Everything else is going well so far, and I enjoy my classes, teachers, etc. I am also a TA for my former Zoology professor in his current Zoology classes. That's quite fun, and challenging sometimes because I don't always remember what the organism that we're looking for looks like. Makes for some interesting situations, if you don't know how to handle them. Ah well.

I'm still working full-time also, which makes life a little more stressful sometimes. However, it has been easier this semester than last semester was. I pray that it will stay that way.

The Biology club at ASU went to Atlanta the last weekend of August to tour the Bodies Exhibition and the Atlanta Aquarium. Both places were very interesting, and I really enjoyed the experience. I may post some pictures of the aquarium at a future date. We were not allowed to take cameras into the Bodies Exhibit, so I only have memories for myself and a website for you. (Warning: website contains some graphic images that you may or may not wish to view.)

We had a pre-med meeting at school this past Friday. There were several people present from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG), including the director of admissions, several representatives from the admissions committee, and a current medical student. Although I have sat through several meetings of this nature already, it was good to be in attendance again. I heard some things that I have heard every time they have had the meeting, and I heard a thing or two that I didn't know. So it was good to be there.

For those of you who know them, you may be interested to know that Jared Hege and Renae Keller's wedding was Saturday, Sept. 9. They had a really nice wedding, and I was glad to be in attendance.

We'll try to keep y'all posted on any other things of importance or relevance as time goes on. As you can see, we both are quite busy. Y'all pray for us.

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