Saturday, August 30

Our life otherwise

On a more positive note, Kaylie is now potty-trained, and for those out there wondering how it went, since I FINALLY got around to it--we basically spent one day in the bathroom reading, eating, drinking--after a tough start of stubborn disobedience, not even wanting to sit until she found out I meant business and we WERE going to do this, no ifs, ands or buts! Though we had no success that day at all as far as actually producing anything, that was obviously the front work. The next morning she started going, and has been going ever since, both ways, and has had only maybe two accidents? I've concluded it definitely pays to wait until they're completely ready! We've been doing panties from the start, only pull-ups when we go to town, for fear of not finding a bathroom soon enough. Now.....we're just doing panties for town and the 30 mins. to church. Diapers at night......but.......
We'll be taking the diaper off for nap times and bedtimes starting next week too, because I now have a potty seat upstairs in that bathroom, and plan on getting a waterproof pad for her bed tonight. She gets up dry 99 % of the time, but I was leery of risking it for fear of ruining our brand new mattress on the guest bed. She sleeps in the queen bed in her room. Once we needed to move Ashleigh upstairs with Kaylie, we didn't have room for a guest bed, a toddler bed, and a playpen. So Kaylie's bed had to go, since their room doubles as a guest room. She has adjusted well to a big bed all to herself, and loves to roll around in it.

So for those of you who breathed a prayer or thought for us as we PTed.....thank you and God Bless You! For those of you moms getting ready to PT, be sure your child is ready and that YOU are ready, and it should be a smoother process!

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Our Hearts are Hurting....yet we rejoice

We buried our baby niece this morning. We know God had His hand in this, and spared so much suffering by taking little Doreen home, yet we still grieve.
So please pray for Conrad and Barb Horst and their family, and for the rest of us as we support them and all heal together. Little Doreen's grave is the first in our church's cemetery. That in itself is hard enough.

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