Wednesday, June 25


I love far I've found quite a few bargains. I'm starting to feel like this is God's way of helping provide for our needs when our money is low.
Like today. I just bought 5 packs of Pampers size 3~40 count~ for $5. Half of the store price, and cheaper than Parent's Choice, even! How can you beat that?! That was an answer to prayer! And the best brand on top of that!
Do you have craigslist in your area?

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Wednesday, June 11

Mini vacation

"We're going on a trip this weekend, tra la, tra la. We're going to a cabin this weekend with friends! Tra la! We're going to have fun, and make memories, enjoy our children under the trees, and we'll all go marching our homes......... to get back....... to our lives, dum dum dum........."

See if you can recognize the tune to that.

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Wednesday, June 4

Pains and medicine

The last two days Kaylie has said her back hurts, and when asked if she needs medicine, she of course answer yes. Yesterday I did actually give her ibuprofen in case her back really did hurt. I wasn't sure if she was just saying it cuz she's been hearing me say it or if it was true for her.

This morning she said "My belly's too full; I need Tylenol." If only Tylenol could cure our over-eating, right? =]

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Sandboxes and such

I bought Kaylie a turtle sandbox about a month ago or so, and she enjoys it so much! I don't have any pictures to show right now, but there have quite a few times that her daddy joins her in there when he gets home. It has been a great entertainer!!!!
In the same week that she got the sandbox, she learned how to 'belly-swing' on the swingset and how to climb up on her 'baby' swing, and figured out how to get the t-bar up and strap herself in. Which then meant she calls for me till I happen to look out at her and realize she's stuck and waiting for help.........So basically all in a week's time, she figured out how to do everything on her playground out there--sandbox, two big girl's swings, her own baby swing, the rocket glider (she'd been working on that one before) and of course the slide she'd been doing. The nice part of this is--it used to be she could do nothing but the slide, so she wasn't entertained out there for long at all with her several toys. Thankfully now she'll spend multiple minutes out there, generally as long as I let her.

How many of you have 'bought' sandboxes? Or do you have a wooden/no lidded 'home grown' sandbox?

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