Wednesday, October 4

God's Goodness

We had some serious financial strains in the last year. I am learning to rely on God more and more 'when the going gets tough', and adjusting my way of thinking/living and learning to live without. Before we were married, I was used to making the money to support myself, and have done that all of my working life, so in a way, it's hard to look at our bank account, and bills, and know that I'm not able to bring in the money needed right now. It is a test of faith, and one I often fail, as I stress and worry over how to make ends meet, and try to give it up to God, and yet I still worry. I get told to get used to it, especially if Vern's going to med school. I am well aware this is true; however, there are times that reminding me of this do not help my outlook on the situation at hand. Sometimes the obvious doesn't need voiced.

Anytime we've had really serious problems, God has always provided in some way, and just recently He provided by financial gifts. Monday we received a card with what someone said was their giving money they had been saving up, and decided we were to be the recipients this time, as a thank you for our friendship and obviously to help us out in our time of need. I read this card, and immediately thanked God for providing for us, once again. That was the fourth financial aid we'd received in a short period of time, and I was in tears, humbled once again at how FAITHFUL God is, and how weak my faith can be at times, in waiting for HIS PROVISION.


What has God done for you lately?

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God's Love

The story of the Amish school shooting is weighing heavily on people's minds this week, and just now I found my copy of the song "Love Will Bring Us All Together", and was thinking how appropriate. This song was sung at church not long ago and has been in my mind constantly ever since. There's something about the case you don't know the song, or can't think of the words right off, I'll give them to you to ponder today:

All things work together for good,
When God's love is understood;
God is good and everything He does is right.
Spring-time flowers wilt and fade
but the memories that they made
Are a ray of sunshine in the darkest night.

Light comes shining out of the past,
Truth revealing love at last;
There's a love that leads beyond the great divide.
Joy and laughter, pain and tears,
love is calling thro' the years;
Love will bring us safely to the other side.

Long ago when life was young,
Love already had begun;
Mem'ries of a time when roses were in bloom.
Time so swiftly past us flies;
Autumn comes and summer dies,
Love will bring us all together very soon.

Hear the music in the air,
God is love and ev'rywhere;
Walk in love and you will join God's happy throng.
Earthly things will lose their tune,
For they fade away so soon,
Love will bring us all together with a song.

There's a love that's calling from the other side,
As we stand and gaze across the great divide;
God our Father loves us all,
Hear His tender loving call;
Love will bring us all together by and by.

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