Friday, March 30

Lazy Day

Morgan didn't come today, so Kaylie and I have had a lazy start. I didn't get her out of bed until 10:30 this morning! I decided against going back to bed after Vern left for school.....I lounged on the couch and read instead....for a couple hours! How lazy is that?! I have decided one of the perks of working, is that when you happen upon a lazy day, you appreciate and enjoy them SO MUCH MORE!

Life has been full lately--hence the no updating for several weeks. Last week was crammed full from Saturday the week before until this past Sunday night. And then Morgan came in bright and early Monday morning. We had two batches of company, which spanned a week's time. I thoroughly enjoyed having my folks here, and then my close friend, Doris Mast, and her two children came in the evening my folks left. It was great, but it took me several days to get over it all.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, March 14

Wonderfully Warm Weather

For those of you wondering about Kaylie's thrush, she's over it, as am I. I asked my doctor to put me on the same medication Kaylie was on, so we could get rid of this from the inside out, and it worked, apparently. Now to keep it away this time.....

We've been having beautiful 70+ degree weather! I'm so enjoying getting out with the girls and walking! Praise the Lord for double strollers! I can tell I'm getting my muscles back into shape with pushing that much weight. It's been a few years since I've done that. Flab away!

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Friday, March 2

Bad & Good News

Kaylie has thrush again. She may have a weak immune system. That was the only reason the doctor knew to tell me for why she would have it again within two months.

The good news is our tax refund came through today! I'm once again praising the Lord for this blessing!

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