Monday, June 25


May and June have brought many busy days to our household.

I ventured to VA on my own with Kaylie the first weekend of June to spend some time (5 1/2 days!) with my mom while she was in between jobs. That was a story in itself. Though I have to say, Kaylie was a real trooper about riding. Better on the way home than up. She couldn't stop saying "Daddy" for two days after we got home though.

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on June 18.
Vern started his summer class June 21.
I turned 25 on June 23.

We have our 2nd wedding of 5 this coming weekend. We got asked on Friday to fill in for some singing.

Next weekend we go to VA for a Good family reunion, and also to see my sis and bro-in-law whom we haven't seen in a year.

So many other things have been happening, but you'd be here reading all day if I kept on.

Praise the Lord you are able to sing! I have a cousin who can't sing or even talk from damage occuring after a surgery. They're checking it out, hoping and PRAYING it isn't permanent. Will you pray for Rosie?

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