Wednesday, February 22


Well, we didn't get a Valentine's celebration on V-day like most people did. Vern's school and work schedule prohibits that, so instead we went out for supper Friday night, the one night during the week that he doesn't work. He doesn't get out of lab that afternoon until 5 PM or after. That day is the closest we have to what I call a 'normal' day, since he's only gone 8 1/2 hours. My sister-in-law suggested I make a special supper for us that night, and I entertained that thought, but 1) after having a really busy day Thursday and spending pretty much all of Friday morning relaxing on the couch, and 2) not getting into town for errands until mid-afternoon, and 3) not being in the mood to cook (Any pregnant women out there ever been that way?), I asked him if we could go out, and he agreed!

On our way out the driveway, we discussed options of where to eat. Through the process of elimination and after just driving around, we decided on a Mexican place that was quite nice. We both like Mexican, but haven't eaten any since we've been married. I was so thoroughly enjoying just getting to sit beside my Sweetheart for an entire supper, that I didn't really care where we went, to be honest. Our meals together during the week are pretty much limited to not very many! We get the one night I take him supper at work, and weekends, and every once in a while, breakfast together. That's pretty much the extent of it.

Afterward, we went to the local mall and walked around, mostly so that I could get my walk in for the day. In the process, Vern found a shirt for his brother for his graduation gift. We were also just enjoying time to be together without having a time frame to stick to and having to rush around!

And I must brag on my husband on this too--he knows how to pick the cards! Hallmark still had Valentine cards out, surprisingly, so Vern was able to make a card purchase that he'd not been able to make earlier in the week. When he presented me with it Saturday morning, I almost cried as I read and re-read it, and was overwhelmed at the way God has blessed me, has blessed US in the last several years, and especially the last 8 months of our marriage. That card was so fitting for all that's going on in our life right now. We've both had a lot of changes and adjustments in the last year. This year won't be much different, especially the next several months, as Vern finishes this year of schooling, and as we anticipate our baby's arrival right around that time--within the first week or two of May.

Saturday and Sunday we were down at his folks' farm, collecting plants for a class assigment, and getting in some fun couple time walking through the woods and along the road Saturday in the drizzling rain, and Sunday in the beautiful sunshine.

After such a relaxing, yet on-the-go weekend, I'm reminded again how God can bless your time together when you're truly thankful for each opportunity He gives you!

God bless each of you the rest of this week!


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Friday, February 17

Musing. . .

I just had my first round of tests for this semester. I really enjoy my classes, or most of them anyway. However, with work and school combined, and both of them full-time, it really wears me out, and sometimes I feel like I cannot devote enough time to either entity.

Oh, and those tests?
  • Physiology and Pharmacology............81%
  • Zoology Lecture....................................83%
  • Zoology Lab...........................................75%
  • Organic Chemistry II...........................63%
  • Botany Lecture......................................Not gotten back yet
  • Botany Lab.............................................Will take next Wednesday

Sometimes I wonder if I can go on.......

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Wednesday, February 8

Tax Time!

So have you done your taxes yet? I've been working on them for the last couple weeks, gathering information we needed to file, and it was close to a nightmarish experience. After Vern got home from his late day at college Friday, we worked the rest of the evening going through his old account, straightening it out, and putting all the figures in his money program on our computer. Saturday afternoon and the rest of that evening, we worked on our new account, doing the same with the money program, so that come Monday, I could pull out whatever needed yet to finish filing.

Happily on Tuesday, I went to the post office and sent off our information to our accountant. We decided to finish out this year with the lady we both used out of VA last year, and then next year we can find someone down here, that's closer!

PTL for patience, strength and grace the last couple weeks as I worked my brain past frazzled, figuring out how to file Vern's stuff, which included 2 colleges, 3 different jobs in the last year, & livestock that he owns on his dad's farm, which includes advertising, paying out for bull feed, income for milk rent, selling various animals, etc. If you've ever worked on a farm and filed taxes off of it, you're probably understanding what I'm talking about. Needless to say, I am learning more and more all the time about how things "operate" on a farm. I still don't understand everything I'm told about certain procedures though. I'm thankful mine weren't that hard to figure out.

So, back to my original question--have you filed yet?

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