Thursday, July 12

MCAT Results

I know that there are a few of you out there who are curious about my MCAT score. I got my score back nearly a week ago, and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I got a 29O (9 on Verbal, 10 each on Biological and Physical Sciences), which is pretty good for the first time taking it. However, I know that I really need at least a 29, and preferably a 30-32 for MCG. So right now I am just playing the "waiting game" until I hear from the admissions committee. Thank you to all who have been praying for me/us during this time, please continue.


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Monday, July 9

The Big Day

For those of you asking, my due date is February 2. Since I went 12 days early with Kaylie, I'm almost sure I'll go early with this one, hence my telling people the end of January. Who knows, maybe I'll actually have to endure the last two weeks this time.

Yes, your prayers are appreciated. With Vernon in a summer class right now that goes until the end of the month, and with his fall classes starting in August, hence beginning a BUSY senior year for him, and working alongside, I'm back to LONG days with just us girls again. Those of you with husbands away alot know the weary feeling of wishing your husband would come home to give you a break with the child(ren), so you can rest.

Kaylie takes good naps though, so I try to ignore housework, etc., when she's napping, so I can at least sit down and rest, if not nap. Of course, it doesn't always happen, but Praise the Lord when it does!

For you mothers out there, did you have sickness in your pregnancies? When did it start and how long did it last?

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Trivia Question

Here are the clues:

I'm not sleeping well.
I'm eating every 3 hours.
I'm a lot more tired.
My dresses aren't very loose anymore.


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