Friday, October 21

A Revision

Well, I finally made it to school with Vern this morning. He only had one of his two classes for today, so I went with him to Organic Chemistry, and boy was I blown away! No, I didn't understand much of what they were saying. This is why he is in college and not me. I don't have the brains for this stuff.

After class, I went with him to work, and hung around a few mins., then left to come home to prepare to leave again for a follow up with my eye doctor in Waynesboro. Then I'll get a few hours at home, before going to pick Vern up at work around 7ish, and then we'll take in a Shakespeare play at the college tonight. Then tomorrow night, we're going to go hear the New Jerusalem Singers--a local group--at a local church here.

I found out this morning that the place Vern visited for humanities that time without me, was a Jewish synagogue.........I'm wondering where all he'll have been till this semester is over.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, October 19

Humanities Class

Mrs. Doc is back to post a short note on why we haven't been posting lately, namely to appease Truthseeker! =]

Vern stays busy as usual, with school and work. He didn't have one of his classes yesterday, meaning he got to clock in early at work, meaning he got to come home early--7:30ish is early compared to 10:30 or after, yes!--to his wife and eat supper with her and celebrate four months of wedded bliss!

Last Saturday we visited a Muslim mosque as another one of the requirements for Vern's humanities class. So far we've visited a Hindu temple, um...I forget the one he visited without me, and now this Muslim mosque. And this coming Saturday, as another part of his class, which has 3 different sections, I found out, we are to take in a Shakespeare play, which I've never done, and sounds to be intriguing. Then here in another couple weeks, he's to visit a Catholic church. I'm thankful all these visits are just to find out the practices and beliefs of these different religions and people, without having to take part in them.

So that's been a portion of our lives! More to come later! Hopefully this weekend, we'll get more posted!

Have a God-filled day!


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Monday, October 3

Catching Up (Sorta)

Okay, so I'm finally back from my long blogging repose. No, I've not been lazy, I've been busy. Working full time plus school full time just isn't the easiest thing to do, and my 18 credit-hours finally got the best of me. I dropped my zoology class last week because I was just too busy to spend any time on the class requirements. At the current rate, I would have been begging for a C in the class. My advisor, Dr. Griner, and my zoology professor, Dr. Saul, both advised dropping the class. It's been a long time since I felt such relief at school.

Not that my other classes are entirely easy. Organic chemistry is becoming harder by the day, and I've got to find time to study that more. Physics is much better. Humanities is okay, but I'm not sure about the midterm essay. Voice is the greatest. I had a test in organic last week. I made an 84, which made me quite pleased, especially with my workload. I also had a physics test on Friday. It was quite easy. I'll get the grade back tomorrow, I assume.

Thursday I took off work so that my lady and I could go to a concert. It was quite enjoyable, and I got some of it on video. Phillips, Craig, and Dean were really good!

Saturday was a fundraiser for the school. It was a 5K walk/run race on and around the campus of ASU. I finished 47 with an unofficial time of 32:15. I was extremely tired after the race, and I had to go work after that! I'm still feeling the effects of that race right now. My legs ache, both in my quads and the muscle right above my ankle. I feel old.

Sunday was a big day. My wife was taken in as a member at Burkeland. I was shocked that she wouldn't let me give her a holy kiss. Oh well...

I gotta study. I've got chemistry lab this afternoon to prepare for.

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