Monday, December 28

My Thanksgiving this Christmas

Having just gone through Christmas, I'm thankful for:
~Christ coming to earth as a Baby for us!
~getting to spend several days with my 81-year-old paternal grandmother (last living grandparent), while in VA.
~safety traveling.
~getting to spend time with family and friends in VA.
~the fun the girls had playing in snow for the first time.
~a good first few days of our trip, before the girls got sick.
~that Vernon's vacation isn't over yet.
~that we're HOME again!

There are so many more blessings to add, but that's what hits my mind at the moment.
May your New Year start with blessings remembered, and vision of what God can do thru you this coming year!

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Thursday, December 10

Girls, Nov. 09

Here's one of the pictures we sent out

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Christmas Letter

Here's the letter I sent out this year, Enjoy!

Hello from Georgia!
We trust you’ve had a good year, full of God’s rich promises being fulfilled! We have! No, not everything went as planned, but God remained faithful to us, and we know He will continue to as long as He grants us life on this earth.
For those of you who aren’t caught up on our lives, Vernon is now a 2nd year medical student at Medical College of Georgia (MCG). He is no longer working anywhere, due to the heavy school load. He did work while in undergraduate college, but found out the caliber of studying in medical school is a bit different. He quit working at University Hospital in Dec. 2007 after 2 ½ years there. In Jan. ’08 he started working at a microbiology lab (SRNL). He worked until he started medical school that fall. He was able to get a job back at the lab this past summer to help fill those hours between May and August.

He starts rotations this coming July in 2010. He plans to graduate, Lord willing, in May of 2012, and then go on to his residency. His primary interest at this point is General Surgery, but has until January 2011 to declare his field. He said you are given about 6 months’ worth of rotations to get a feel for various fields, before you have to give your answer. There are 7 required rotations he has to do, though he’s considering doing an elective as well. His hours of studying are long, and we ladies spend many evenings alone. The weeks that I send 3 meals out the door in the morning, it makes a little nostalgic, yes. =]
Our girls are keeping me hopping! Kaylie is now 3 ½, and LOVES to sing. Not a day goes by that she’s not singing. She enjoys picking the mealtime songs or prayers, often sings in the van, and will even just sing about whatever she’s doing. We’re enjoying this side of her disposition. She’s also a BIG help to Mom, and a doting Big Sister.
Ashleigh is now 22 months, and quite active! She follows “La-La” around (her name for Kaylie), enjoys books more than anything, sucks her thumb more than Mom thinks she should, and is usually a cheerful child.
Here are some highlights from our year:

January~We started our year buying a new washing machine. I’m quite tickled to have a nice new BIG one as my 3rd one since we’ve been married.
~Ashleigh turned 1!

February~Lezlie had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out. 2 pulled, 2 cut out. Granddad and Grandmama (Marc & Joy Yates) came down to help out with the children that week. Dad ended up in the hospital during that time, and found out after years of wondering, that he has congestive heart failure and gallstones. That, coupled with his diabetes, and other health issues, have made for a drastic change in his eating habits.
~We also enjoyed the annual Heritage Bible School program, and got to enjoy the Chorale here at our church that next week!

March~Lezlie & girls joined up with Doris Mast & her 3 children, packed our van out, and traveled to MD to see Doris’s family and our friends, primarily our friend Lisa (Yoder) Swartzentruber. A most delightful week long visit!!
~After fighting fluid in one ear for months, then moved to both, Kaylie had tubes put in both ears. We have seen a serious improvement in her overall health since then. She no longer catches just anything that goes around. We thank the Lord for good health restored! Though at present she is fighting a cold of some sort.

April~Our family of four enjoyed a few days at a cabin in North Georgia, during Vernon’s spring break. A much needed private family vacation!
~Kaylie turned 3!

May~We made a quick trip to PA to Vernon’s best man’s wedding (Philip & Gina Peachey), leaving our girls with their VA grandparents. Enjoyed staying with Vernon’s cousins Mark and Bethany Gayman.

June~Lezlie’s folks were able to come spend a week and a half with us, while Mom was in between jobs.

July~Our landlords officially moved to Hartwell, GA to be caretakers there for two years. So it’s different having the place more to ourselves.
~ Vernon quit his job at SRNL.

August~We flew to Missouri, to see Lezlie’s sister, Heather and her husband Doug, and their two foster children. This was the first we’ve been to see them in their home. We also got to see Vernon’s cousin Benita Wadel & have a meal with the Roger Berry Family! ~Vernon also started his 2nd year of med. school this month.

September~We used Labor Day weekend to travel to PA for Vernon’s cousin’s wedding (Heidi (Wadel) & Gabriel Eash). Enjoyed staying with another cousin, Beverly Hege, while there.

October~Lezlie & girls traveled to VA, joined up with her folks, and then on to Ohio to see her mom’s sister Janet Swartzentruber and family. Also got to see U. Wilmer & A. Miriam, cousin Elizabeth & her 2 children.

November~We enjoyed the Southern Mennonite Fellowship Meetings, in Hartwell, GA with Tim Zook and Keith Clugston as speakers.
~We were privileged to hear The King’s Singers in concert!
~We undertook the responsibility of reception coordinators for Steve and Katrina (Myers) Martin’s wedding.

December~We anticipate going to VA for Christmas to be with Lezlie’s family and having a break from school! =]

As we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord Jesus this Christmas, we also remember His work on the Cross to save us from our sins, and Thank GOD for this season!
Blessings to YOU in the New Year!

Our Love,
Vernon & Lezlie, Kaylie & Ashleigh

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Wednesday, November 18

Change of eating habit

How many of you have that desire after having children, to lose that baby fat? I have, after my two.....sadly, for whatever lazy reason, I've added weight back on after Ashleigh turned one. She's now 21 mons., and um, well, yeah.

So! I've tried one week of changing what I was eating, drinking, etc., trying to cut back, ESPECIALLY on my sweet tea intake, and after that week, my girls were sick, things got busy again, and I wimped out.
BUT! After hearing someone tell me they lost 10 lbs. in two weeks, I got inspired to GET at it again.
So today was my first day back at it. I'm not dieting, per se. I'm having a 'change of eating habit'. Why is it we feel like we have really accomplished something by eating better foods, resisting the junk food, etc. Shouldn't this be an easier way of life than to feel like we trumped somebody in a card game?

Here's what I'm doing:
~drinking more water, to flush those toxins out
~eating more raw veggies, fruit, etc. (the good stuff you know you should eat more of)
~cutting back on the portions on my plate
~walking at the church next door

Here's to losing weight and taking better care of my 'temple'!
Who's with me?

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Monday, November 16

Now that I'm back on here......

I can see myself wanting to post more often! =]
Maybe this will be my outlet, my journaling, since it doesn't happen on paper anymore.

My agenda for the day includes, but not limited to:
~dishes (How can 3 drainer loads full come from JUST Sunday and this morning? I washed up late Sat. night!)
~straightening up our bedroom
~cleaning the bathroom
~cleaning up the girls' room
~cleaning up the office
~de-cluttering the DR table, and the bay window

This week's agenda, for whatever day it falls on:
~laundry two or three days
~fixing some dresses so I can wear them
~sewing Kaylie's church purse's strap back on, whenever I find the purse itself.
~cleaning out the van (again)
~working on the new money program we loaded on this computer, so I can update our info before tax time! I have 11 mons. worth of categorizing to do.......anyone want to babysit for me?
~get the girls' picture taken, and maybe a family picture, too, to get sent out by Thanksgiving time, hopefully.
~work on a letter to send out with that picture....
~think about banking options. To open/or not to open savings accounts for the girls?

That's enough to think on right now.

What's on YOUR Monday agenda and projects for this week?

Go with God.........

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